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L Plus – Avenger (Hideout Sampler 2) – Technique Recordings

L Plus – Avenger (Hideout Sampler 2) [Technique Recordings]

The storm clouds are gathering. We’ve already been given a glimpse of what L Plus has to offer on his forthcoming album Hideout with the huge Timelapse and Creature Must Die. Just to make sure we’re fully prepared for the immensity of what this ambitiously epic producer has in store, though, here’s another taste.

As the intro of Avenger glides in, full of the warm pads and sparkling arpeggios of a late nineties Good Looking release, you’d be forgiven for thinking L Plus was about to show us his softer side. Nope. A sci-dialogue sample, alarm-call stabs and the sound of percussive elements swirling into place quickly dispel that illusion and set us up for something altogether more vicious.

From the drop, it becomes clear this tune is all about cracking the rave with whiplash strikes in every register. Relentless digital-clap snares are backed up by an interacting kick and bass pattern with an acidic synth line that’s constantly switching and modulating. Then the energy’s pushed even higher as L Plus fires off volleys of new percussion elements with each sixteen bar section.

This is a straight-up rave-hyper with one foot in the world of techstep D&B and the other firmly in the evolving programming of actual techno.

Over the two album samplers we’ve been blessed with some quality insight into the mind of L Plus. He’s got the musicality, he’s got the breadth of knowledge to reference many genres and styles, he’s got the dance floor-driving power. The full Hideout experience is going to be something special.


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