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L 33 – Karate EP – Eatbrain.

L 33 - Karate EP Cover Art

The red glow of the setting sun spills across the dojo floor. One of Eatbrain’s mightiest warriors casts a dark silhouette against the backdrop of this dying day, composed and coiled to strike in the fading light. With the birth of night they will rise again, the immortal undead, shuffling in the darkness on an endless journey to the signal source. He is the watcher of the night, the last point of defence, upon his intricate and swift skills all hope rests. Night is here, they are arisen from the depths… time to kill the dead again

L 33 strikes and connects a skilfully executed blow for EATBRAIN, dropping the sampler for his forthcoming album within the precise and perfect form of the KARATE EP. Comprising a sequence of 4 devastating moves, this is deadly taste of a gargantuan LP yet to come on one of neurofunk’s leading labels. The EP lands its deadly intentions with BLOODBRAIN and EARTHBOUNCE deliver a pair of neuro bangers with swift pace and sharp-edged reeses, whilst CLUBLIFE and ZEALOT deftly push heads down to immerse ravers within their weighty rolling energy.

For the second release of 2016, Eatbrain brings the pain – delivering a mighty assault upon the dance from an artist who resides deep within the palpitating heart of the label, and serving as a herald for an even greater release to come.

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