KUMO x PATEXX x LIONDUB – War Start – Liondub International


Liondub kicks off 2020 proper by adding the vocal talents of Grammy award winning Jamaican singer song-writer Patexx on two time tested DnB cuts produced by Manchester’s Kumo. Kumo shells with hard-hitting minimal bass heavy rollers that prove perfect for Patexx’s murderous lyrical styles. Liondub arranged, mixed and mastered both sound killing cuts adding his knowledge of dubplate culture and technical expertise into the fold. Due to popular demand, we included VIP versions of both riddim tracks for the die-hard DnB selectors.

Kumo, Patexx & Liondub – War Start

Delayed trap style horns create a militant soundscape that grabs your attention immediately upon hitting play.  With a high passed vocal and a quick drum build the tune gets moving right away.  With a vocoder on the main vox and clever processing the quality of this tune is one of the first recognizable features.  A steady and crisp drum pattern holds the tune down while a few different bass sounds melt together perfectly to retain the militant vibe all while moving all the bodies in the dance.  This tune is minimalist in the right ways but relies heavily on the perfect mix and master to create an experience that leaves the listener completely engulfed and wanting more.  There is also a VIP version included in the release without vocals for the djs that want it.

Kumo, Patexx & Liondub – Caan Touch

Resampled pads reminiscent of the late 90’s sound start this one off with a simple high hat.  Before you know it a super clean break drops and the vocals start up, setting the mood for the drop. The build disappears for a second before the drop letting the vocals hang and breathe.  When it drops you get the clean break with some intelligent bass work and a vocoded vocal that cuts through nicely.  Nice and steady as this one moves along, and the mix and master quality is top notch making this vocal tune sound radio worthy.  Another nice dancefloor here that could translate to many different set times depending on what its mixed with.  There is also a VIP version of this tune included in the release that has no vocals for the djs that are looking for that.

Words by Bad Martian



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