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KLIPPEE – Binary Vol. 19 – Critical Music

Almost a year since the last Binary instalment, Seattle based artist Klippee rides the current American drum & bass wave across the Atlantic and straight into the ears of Critical HQ. The resulting Binary Volume 19 gives us three tracks of pristine, hard edged D&B marking Klippee as one to watch this year.

Klippee – Too Tight

The listener is transported onto the sound stage of a kung-fu movie with a beautifully arranged intro that is both cinematic and welcoming.  The perfectly mixed percussion gives a rhythm to the song and the filter quickly leads to the well placed drop.  Rumbling along super low is an amazing sub that glues the light and scattered percussion parts together creating a well balanced stepper.  With an extremely light snare the percussion becomes the focus of the drum pattern until you get the perfectly placed drum changes and teased with a heavily processed break and an amen.  Suggestive and highly processed vocal edits tease and arouse the listener and compliment the clean, minimal beat perfectly. This tune is going to be fun in the mix and will no doubt put the sound system to the test with its heavy low end.

Klippee – Cached

Digital and robotic noise fills the atmosphere as a single hat holds the timing. A fun and rather quick tension build tricks the listener into thinking the tune is about to start, but it adds another section of mixable hats and tension instead creating even more anticipation. Once the drop hits a clean break holds the line as a rumbling sub stab and chaotic percussion elements fill out the spectrum. Perfectly calculated timing changes sound as if a computer is struggling to come online with glitching yet captive audio. Melodic changes in the percussion and quirky edits keep the listener fully intrigued and waiting for the next change. Another tune that will surely work the sound system out and get the ceiling crumbles in all the drink cups.

Klippee – High Ping

Scattered and stereo panned FX and percussion cause intended confusion and lack of direction setting the tone perfectly for the quirky intro break to take your attention and focus you towards the approaching drop. A highly processed vocal stab stays consistent on rhythm while the filtering develops tension for the drop.  Once the drop hits a clean and steady break dominate the soundscape while an oscillating sub moves around ferociously underneath giving movement to the tune.  Again perfectly calculated glitches create a break from the tune long enough for the elements to change up slightly and come back with a familiar but different sound asking for your attention. This tune does a great job of giving space for each element to shine on its own yet really gets the listener moving when all the elements come together to create the overall vibe. This one is a dance floor killer!

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Critical Music

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