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Kleu & Something Something – All My Life – DeVice

Continuing to champion the freshest talent on the scene, Rene LaVice welcomes rising D&B producer Steffi Schulz aka Something Something and up and coming duo Kleu to his Device label for their new collab single ‘All My Life’. Boasting rippling bass and rumbling vibrations that weave amongst futuristic synth melodies, Something Something and Kleu‘s ‘All My Life’ demonstrates their undeniable talent to reach skyrocketing success.

At this stage of the game, it’s safe to state the obvious: Rene’ LaVice has really done an amazing job of putting down the flag for his DeVice imprint. He has managed to set the bar really high and the producers that he’s brought onboard all rise to the challenge and clear the bar. This release really drives that point home.

The duo of Kleu has been a production team to watch for some time now. They’ve been appearing all over the place like a ghost with original tracks and remixes and they step up every time. Teaming up here with Something Something to bring us a really rich sounding track. Vivid depth to the sound and full deep textures. This one checks all the boxes: smooth intro, vocals grabbing your heart strings, echoed bass effects rolling in at the drop, clean and crunchy snares, and keyboard builds. Just when you think you got the feel it adds another layer. Kleu has this signature warping with their bass lines that I’m really starting to love and it meshes fantastically with everything Something Something brings to the table on this one.

Just who in the hell is Something Something you may ask? Well, Steffi Schulz is one of the most talented people that you’ve never heard of and she’s is joining the ranks of people to keep your eye on as word is getting around. If this doesn’t convince you then I really don’t know what to tell you. With a clear eye for talent DeVice has brought her onboard before she blows up. Which she surely will. Trust me on this, I know these things. And yes, I’m gonna say “I told you so”.

Another high mark from DeVice with the quality we’ve come to expect. Building a remarkable catalog of releases very early on, and pulling together an impressive roster. This one’s a keeper.





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