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Kiril – Black Noise EP [The Dreamers Recordings]

The Dreamers Recordings is a label based in Turin, Italy that is rapidly gaining the attention some big names in the drum and bass scene, from Noisia to Rockwell, Foreign Concept, Friction, Icicle, Dub Phizix, Alix Perez & Ivy Lab . The aim of the label is to support talented producers with a vision on the true sound of drum and bass and its related genres.

The fifth release sees the return of Kiril: four tracks with four different rhythms and tempos, but with a unique soul, showing the passion of this talented producer for the old school sound and the innovative footwork and half-tempo influenced rythms.. Each of these tracks can work is both complex, refined and dancefloor smashing.

ALPHA is the opening track and sets the mood for the ep: not for the faint hearted!  This one will make everyone on the dancefloor jumping.
OH! Has an hypnotic and tight rhythm that will shake you from head to toe.
BLACK NOISE gives the title to the EP and is a tribute to the glorious tech-step sound of late 90s and early 2000s, with a modern and fresh twist.
BOMBS is exactly what you expect: a solid kick-based evolving rhythm with a unique groove.


Getting a little more familiar with Kiril :
Hailing from the renowned shores of Lake Como, Kiril is one whose name shall not be forgotten. After his first teenage hip hop productions, Kiril found his true love in between Drum & Bass, Footwork and Jungle music, refining his sounds around dark rollers and half tempo vibes.
It’s December 2013 when his “Corps EP” is released on local heroes’ label Mother Inc Sound; that was just the beginning, as in 2014 Kiril tunes have been the secret weapon of many well-known DJs such as Dub Phizix, Hyroglifcs, TC, Fixate. It wasn’t long until his “Delirious EP” was signed by Flexout Audio, one of the UK most forward thinking Drum & Bass labels, and received great reviews from the critic. Without resting on his laurels, 2014 was a highlight year for Kiril with “Extra/The Key” on the Italian BNCexpress and “Entry” released on Vandal Records “Decade LP” compilation.
2015 saw Kiril focused on his DJ game, after releasing “XXX/Disturbed Images” on Alchemic Breaks, where he already proved to be able to stretch his sounds between a wide range of different genres and styles. In 2016 Kiril has collaborated with his fellows Was a Be and has joined the Dreamers Recordings camp with his widely acclaimed release Bring the Bass / Nightcall.

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