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Kings of the Rollers – Shella (feat. Chimpo) Halogenix remix – Hospital Records

Kings of the Rollers turn remix duties over to Halogenix for a new take on one of their bigger tunes for Hospital Records. The forthcoming ‘H25PITAL’ is celebrating Hospital Records 25th Birthday and this gives us a taste of what’s on the way.

Originally released on the epic ‘Kings of the Rollers‘ album in 2019, the D&B super group made their statement and put down their flag for anyone who wanted to challenge them. The team of Serum, Voltage & Bladerunner really set the standard lately for big name team up collaborations. They are the flagship stars of Hospital. Halogenix ain’t no slouch either, and he takes a swing at ‘Shella’ and knocks it out of the park.

A different vibe for the remix from Halogenix here even before the drop. It’s more dance floor oriented than the original and that’s not a complaint. It has more of that foot driving snare and groove to it without sacrificing the “chop house” feel that Serum is very fond of lately (RIP foghorn…long live the foghorn). This remix does a great job of keeping some of the original style and giving it his own spin. Which is a sign of a good remix. Loving the samples, and those squelcher synth like bass notes. The vocals flow really well with this remix too. I just can’t resist the line from the Kings of the Rollers page “this one will strip the paint off your walls.”. I can’t argue with that. Where’s the lie?

If this is a sign of what’s on the way for Hospital Records ‘H25PITAL’ release, then I think we’re all in for a treat.



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Hospital Records


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