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King Yoof – Mi No Ramp/ Lock Dem Off Again – Kartoons

The beats are banging and banging hard at Kartoons HQ and release 15 certainly demonstrates the diversity of the label as Nicky invites King Yoof and crew to the party.

‘Mi No Ramp’ is the ultimate love letter to Benny Page and fans of this upbeat, vibe soaked jump up style will no doubt appreciate this tune no end. Featuring the vocal talents of Natty Campbell and his notorious dog bark alongside a ton of low end rolling bassline that supporters of the Kartoons label have come to expect.

Indirect shots a run in the form of ‘Lock Dem Off’ featuring Afgan Al. A grubby, dirty faced riddim that you would only dare to pull out in the grottiest of underground basement clubs. The notorious humming sublow bass sticks to the floor, refuses to move then grabs copious amounts of Nike Air Max and sucks them in.

You think this is nasty? Just wait to see what else Nicky has in store for 2019. We don’t stop here

King Yoof aka Alex Orton-Green has been a major contributor to the
development of BASS music, in all of its various incarnations, his DUBWISE
bass lines, have blazed out of many a warehouse speaker stack. 1999: King
started out as one half of legendry UK Breakbeat outfit: Sonz of
. He was also co-founder of the multi-award winning Breaks FM, King Yoof has always been ahead of the game. Collaborating with many different artists from various scenes, the journey has taken him into all manner of genres that have helped lay the foundation of today’s bass music.

Over the last two decades his style has become a culmination of everything that has happened in low-frequency, heavy music with an emphasis on Sound system culture. King Yoof has refused to be pigeon holed into one category by crossing the boundaries of Reggae, Jungle, Dub and the many styles of BASS music which has made him a sought after remixer, with requests coming in from some of the biggest players in the game such as Dub Pistols, Aries, Horseman, Spyda, UK Allstars, Dreadzone, Mr Williamz, Congo Natty, Caspa, Chopstick Dubplate, Jinx in Dub, Aswad, Altern 8, Wu Tang Clan and Cheshire Cat, to name but a few.

2011 King Yoof released his debut E.P: ‘King Yoof’s International Hi Fi’ on the Subslayers label, with the lead track: ‘Back 2 Hackney’ finding its way into pretty much every Dj’s bag. It fused Dubstep, Reggae and Jungle and is seen as the first 140 bpm Jungle track to have paved the way for this style of bass music. King Yoof carried on with a succession of releases on Subslayers. 2012- to the present: Jacky Murda from Chopstick Dubplate ended up recording the UK Reggae star: Mr Williamz at King Yoof’s studio. Jacky ended up asking Yoof to join Chopstick Dubplate, which many consider the number one Junglist sound in the world! Chopstick Dubplate is an award-winning collective of DJ’s, producers and vocalists operating out of London, Bristol and Barcelona. Fusing UK Jungle with the art of traditional Jamaican sound system culture. The collective consists of: (Jacky Murda) originally from California an artist crucial to the LA jungle scene. He was a key player in the early Ragga Jungle sound. (King Yoof), from London one of the founding members of the pioneering Subslayers recognised by countless Jungle legends as one of the hottest
producers in the UK. (Tuffist), operating out of Barcalona one of the
founding members of the collective and key producer to the Chopstick sound and (Aries), based in Bristol, holding over twenty years of expertise on the DJ scene and another key member to the unique sound that is Chopstick Dubplate.

Chopstick have recently teamed up Best Breakthrough MC Nominee:
Natty Campbell(Reggae Roast), who recently did a vocal on Chase and Status new song: ‘Cool and Crisp'(on the soon to be released: ‘RTRN II JUNGLE’). Natty Campbell has now become the regular MC for the group. Chopstick Dubplate also work with the cream of the crop in the UK scene, such as: Mr Williamz, Top Cat, Daddy Freddy and Horseman to name a few! Creating iconic tracks in what has now been coined “Ragga Jungle” such as: ‘World-Wide Traveller’ (featuring Mr Williamz and Top Cat) and King Yoofs Jungle Remix of Ed Sheeran’s: ‘Shape Of You’ (featuring General Levy) (which has clocked over seven million hits on YouTube), ‘Jo’s R-Type Remix’, which was championed by drum and bass legend Andy C. Chopstick Dubplate were also part of the production team for Congo Natty‘s critically acclaimed hits: ‘Jah Sunshine’,’Born Again and the latest UK All-Stars release: ‘Rebel With A Cause’. It’s safe to say that Chopstick Dubplate have been at the forefront of modern jungle and continue to contribute to the ever-growing scene on both sides of the Atlantic. Bringing a unique and instantly recognisable sound a fusion of jungle, dub, dancehall Chopstick appeal to both Junglist’s and Dancehall purists. Chopstick uphold many traditions of classic sound system dances such as dubplate specials (a version of a certain song you can only hear live in the dance). With their release: ‘Give Me A Dubplate’ (featuring Bunny Lye Lye, The Ragga Twins and Daddy Freddy) they have received airplay on Radio One from DJs Annie Mac, Danny Byrd, Toddla T and Rene Lavice.

Chopstick Dubplate continue to deliver fresh authentic jungle that can appeal to a mainstream audience, all the while sticking to the roots of Jamaican music and honouring the foundations of where Jungle comes from. Chopstick often play odes to historic “riddims” such as the iconic: ‘Sleng Teng’ or ‘Bam Bam’ sprucing them up with a the classic jungle Amen break, or a heavy drum and bass kick and snare. They also pay homage to often overlooked Jamaican vocalists like: Johnny Osbourne or General Jah Mikey, showing that the vibe of Jamaican Dancehall is just as relevant and powerful today as it was when being played many years ago. Over the past few years the collective boasts performances at some of the biggest events in Jungle including: Jungle Fever, Outlook festival, Jungle Jam and Hospitality In The Docks and they have performed headline slots at: Glastonbury Festival and Boomtown Fair’s: Lion’s Den stage, The biggest Reggae stage in the UK! 2016 King Yoof recorded a “live” dub album entitled: ‘Homage To The King’ on the seminal European record label: Moonshine Records. On the album Yoof shows respect to the early producers of dub, by going back to the original way of recording, mixing and dubbing, using more live instruments and session players. The artwork alone won awards and the album received amazing reviews in magazines such as The Wire.

2019: Its not even half way through the year yet and King Yoof has already had debut releases on pioneering drum and bass labels: Biological Beats & Kartoonz. King Yoof also hosted this years Jungle awards and is continuously touring with Chopstick Dubplate bringing the sound system vibes.

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