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Killer Bytes – Sign Of The Times EP Part 3

Rawtee reviews the forthcoming EP from Killer Bytes, Sign of the Times EP Part 3.

Carrying the weight of the jump up scene from it’s days of struggle for definition to it’s current rise as it’s own corner of Drum and Bass, long time friends DJ Pleasure and Origin’s productions have graced dozens of high profile D&B labels sending ravers home with sore legs and big grins. Progressing from producers to owning their own imprint, Killer Bytes Recordings brings the flavor and attitude of real jump up from the darkest reaches. Enter their next EP in a line of releases entitled: Sign of the Times. Now in it’s third edition, the label cultivates the talents of many new school and mainstay artists like, Majistrate, Heist, Dub Bezerka, Profile and Yatz.

Since his breakout track, Spitting Blood on Sign of the Times EP part two, Yatz brings the familiar laser bass styling’s of its predecessor into overdrive on “Serious”. “Awakening” sees Killer Bytes label heads Pleasure and Origin bring their fine filth with the growler of the album. Goldie’s golden boy, Heist also returns for another appearance on the series with Lolling: A complete Heist rinse complete with his clean drums and wickedly creative baselines. This one will turn your stomach! Newcomer to the label Dub Berzerka, German jump up ambassador, graces Killer Bytes with his harder than nails sound, trademark horror samples and in your face snare via “Madmen”. Sounding like the churning, metallic engine of a UFO, Sector 7 brings together DJ Origin and guest DJ Profile together for an lurching beat and bass bomb. Rounding out the EP is the long anticipated remix of Pleasure’s 2014 hit, Popcorn: Majistrate works out the wonk in the way only HE can: total mayhem once this drops!

Sign of the Times part three reads like a book of unknown landscapes and wildly energetic demons: Filthy snares that would make bedroom producers salivate and evil, squelching driven bass to make the dance skank out. The monster reveals itself on May 29, exclusively through lowdowndeep.com for the first week!

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