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Kasra & Particle – Psychoactive/Tinted- Critical Music

Critical Music label boss Kasra teams up with the talents of Particle to brings us another installment of top shelf Drum and Bass that we’ve come to expect from the Critical Music camp. Always with next level production standards and always ahead of the curve. Critical Music delivers more must have music for your crate.

Particle has had a happy home for some time at Critical Music now and it’s clear why. He always delivers. This time joining forces with label boss Kasra to deliver us some deep, dark grooves with that feel we know and love.

‘Psychoactive’ is great soundtrack material for kicking off that psychedelic trip you’ve been planing. Eerie and trippy intro, with that warping bass line and signature clean sharp snare. Minimal…but not really cuz there are so many subtle layers in the background and surprise elements in the fills that by the time you notice them, they’ve blown by you. The second half isn’t just a rinse repeat, but adds more changes and elements just to make sure that you’re still paying attention. It keeps building in subtle ways to carry you off without you realizing it. ‘Til it’s too late. I’ll let you listen yourself and find out. And I highly recommend that you do.

Kasra and Particle‘s signature styles really seem to be a perfect fit for each other. ‘Tinted’ give us a great example of that. I love the drive this has, the deep understated growls of the subs and all the subtle builds, fills and layers in the background. Laid back yet it get things moving at the same time. It’s rare that a track appeals to both the dance floor vibe and the chill listener vibe. ‘Tinted’ does it well never boring the ear and always moving the feet. Masterful work from a pair of master producers.







Critical Music