Kasra & Enei – Deep Fakes EP – Critical Music


Critical Music continue to lift the spirits during these isolating times with a massive collaborative release between Kasra and beast from the east, Enei. The Deep Fakes EP presents four primetime movers including the deadly ‘King Move’ featuring Jakes and the dystopian sounds of ‘Parallax’.

Enei seems to have found a very happy home at Kasra‘s Critical Music label as this partnership continues to bear fruit. These two have been some of the steadiest producers of one solid release after another. With many irons in the fire for both of them they both keep delivering high quality movers and shakers. The Deep Fakes EP is no exception.

The EPs namesake ‘Deep Fakes’ comes in eerie and minimal, and stays minimal through the drop with a simple crunchy sub line that chats with a lot of bleeping computer blips in the background. Builds up intensity during the second section into the breakdown. Lots of drama and build in this one.

‘King Move’ enlists the talents of Jakes that has worked so well with Kasra and Enei in the past. Brining his vocals over the intro with a spot on phrase ending at the drop. Great funky drum line and a nice humming rumbler of a sub carry the vibe nicely to the breakdown. Back comes Jakes with more to say and a second round build up. Back side has that flow of music and lyrics in a way that only the 3 of these guys can produce when they get together.

‘Star Core’ starts out sounding like an abandon space craft with the crew in hyper sleep. Super minimal tinny snare only joined by the bass line at the drop. Growling and moving, after the fill starts to feel like the ship is drifting towards the star and the controls are locked in. You may want to find that override button and fly manual.

Lastly ‘Parallax’ is funky AF. With a a scratchy sequence line talking to the bass like they are in a meeting. After the halfway marker at the fill another layer gets added to the conversation. But, what the hell are they talking about? A masterful command of subtle synths layers here. The track moves and grooves, yet pulls you in to listen closer at the same time. I like this one a lot, as it bounces really nicely.







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