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K Motionz – The Warzone EP – Digital Terror Records

Grimy, dirty and with basslines that ricochet, Digital Terror Records present another EP to give your aural synapses a real workout. It’s exactly what you can expect from a label who time and time again have delivered some of the nastiest records since they began. Filling the jump-up rave with the likes of Jayline and Macky Gee, they’ve come through with some of the sub-genres biggest names to date. And now, they’re back alongside artist K-Motionz to bring you dancefloor fire like no other.

First track Cartel is both jaunty and belligerent. It stands as a precursor for what’s to come and it demonstrates that neither K-Motionz or Digital Terror Records are prepared to water down their sound. It picks up pace before catapulting you against grating snares and robotic distortion, a nasty surprise for anyone that was expecting an easy ride.

Survive is an instant head nodder, with an intro padded out in jungle breaks and illusive sample. You’re then dropped into a furious grind machine of stabbing beats and punchy bass. It’s difficult not to be compelled by a track as bouncy as this, yet one that still impacts harder and harder with each arrangement.

On a different vibe, Transmission is slightly deceptive. Lulling you into a false sense of security, it once again utilises the K-Motionz drop pattern you’ll be well acquainted with by now. A melodic harmony takes you through its first thirty seconds, before you’re kicked steeply down a cliff hanger of steroid-driven subs and Gameboy like tweets. There’s no slowing down for this EP.

And lastly, comes the title-track Warzone, ending the EP with a bang. A collaboration with label-mate Fraksure, it’s the bringing together of chaotic minds, one that causes absolute dancefloor devastation. An active hook sweeps you between each peak, taking you through its aggressively slicing beats and raucous frequencies. It’s an apt way to bring The Warzone to an end. One with a very relevant title for these four fighting tunes.

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