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K Jah – Soundbwoy Weaponry/Have Some Fun Remixes – South Central Recordings

K Jah is the Boss at South Central Recordings and brings us some fresh new remixes of ‘Soundbwoy Weaponry’ and ‘Have Some Fun’. Enlisting the talents of Jinx and Crossy on remix duties. With the vocal sounds of Daddy G, Natty D and Megatron as MCs. Just rolls of the tongue like a lyric. Comin’ at you rough and tough. Fresh fire all around.

South Central Recordings and K Jah have given us two killer remixes of tunes that hit plenty hard the first time around. The remix treatments breath new life into them both.

‘Soundbwoy Weaponry’ is a classic that is just what the title suggests. Comes out both guns blazing with groove for days and the vocal tag team of Daddy G and Natty D. With an amazing groove, and a vocal dialog that is seamless. Half way through the tone changes with what amounts to almost a second drop and it gets even heavier if you can believe that. K Jah did it proppa the first time in the original and Crossy really steps up to give it the respect it deserves.

‘Have Some Fun’ rolls in a bit slower, with the menacing vocals of Megatron. Who sounds about what you imagine with that moniker. At the drop it punches it with snappy, quick handed snares and a humming bass line with those deep rumblers when you need it. Jinx does a fantastic job of adding elements to the original while maintaining it’s integrity. Megatron lurks in the background like a haunting vocal effect. I know it’s called “Have Some Fun’….this is fun for me ok? Again, with the tone change half way through from K Jah. He has this amazing ability to change it up and add elements that build complexity and keeping things dynamic while maintaining the original groove.

Overall if you backed me into a corner for a one liner review I say this: is this shit Jungle enough for ya? Why yes….why yes it is. If you sleep on these two remixes yer missing out.



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K Jah