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K Jah – Dutty Like A Bumbo Ft Diligent FIngers / Tasty Cake – South Central Recordings

Its 2018 and K Jah is very proud to present his official imprint ‘South Central Recordings UK‘ and the debut release: Dutty Like A Bumbo Ft Diligent FIngers / Tasty Cake. 

A – K Jah Ft Diligent Fingers – Dutty Like A Bumbo

One of the most hyped tracks of Summer 2018, Dutty Like A Bumbo weighs in as the top rated contender for the heavyweight division. An eerie pad introduces the hypnotic yet menacing voice of Dilligent Fingers informing the listener as to just how dutty this riddim is, whilst distant aprpeggios swirl menacingly until huge boulders of stepping bass fall out of the speakers like baby elephants chased by a rock solid drum pattern. One for the intrepid explorers.

AA – K Jah – Tasty Cake

Coming in all cheeky and well, er, cakey is Tasty Cake. An introduction consisting of a stepping yet funked up drum break accompanied by swag horns, builds up to a funkysweet bass rollout peppered with triplet snares and fx goodness. One for the sweets steppers and rolling rockers.

A Birmingham based long-time junglist with an international outlook, K Jah has cemented his spot as a Jungle/Drum & Bass Producer and DJ who always brings future foundation vibes to any dance.

With a long discography of well-received releases including “Clap for That”, “Turbo Royale”, “Street Trends”, “Getting Busier”, and “Supaclash” on labels such as Ruffneck Ting, Hocus Pocus and Natty Dubs, K Jah’s productions consistently represent all corners of the Jungle/Drum & Bass culture that have shaped his life. Following on the successful “Street Trends EP” for Natty Dub, the “K Jah & Friends EP” on Ruffneck Ting, K Jah has recently provided acclaimed remixes for Chopstick Dubplate, Gappa G, and Cabin Fever amongst others.

K Jah is now setting his sights on a new beginning with South Central Recordings. And we see no better way to start it then to release these two monster tracks.



K Jah





South Central Recordings



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