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John B’s Top 5 Movies (80’s)

Break out the popcorn, red vines and icees because the DNB Vault TOP 5 is hitting the movies once again! This time around we chat with the drum n bass badboy of kitsch and glam, JOHN B. On the heels of his latest single – Damages, John B took a moment from his busy schedule of podcasting, touring and regular hair maintenance to chat with us about his TOP 5 favorite movies from the… you guessed it, 1980’s

Breakfast Club

Teen Wolf

Trading Places

Weird Science


Don’t forget to grab John B’s latest single Damages out now on Beta Recordings

Buy on iTunes: www.smarturl.it/BETA047
Buy at: www.beta-store.com

For more information on John B
John B Official Website
John B on Facebook
John B on Twitter
John B Podcasts

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