Joe Ford – Let It Out EP – Shogun Audio


Joe Ford steps up to pack the punch into 2016 with a brand new showcase of razor-sharp drum & bass cut firmly for the floor. The ‘Let It Out EP’ marks his return to the fore on the back of an Australian / New Zealand Shogun 100 DJ tour and his highly successful weekly Kiss FM mix show which has gone from strength to strength over the past year.

“The goal for this EP was to write a selection of dance floor oriented D&B whilst stepping up the production values on all  fronts: musicality/sonics/engineering etc. More than ever I focused on making tunes that lend themselves to DJ sets, all the while maintaining sonic interest throughout for headphone users and audio enthusiasts alike. Learning more of the piano late last year allowed me to progress musically on this EP, helping melodic ideas flow and tie into the various parts of the tunes. As ever, using a simple PC and headphones setup, I tried to push my production to new levels. Hopefully that fact has been translated into the music!”  – Joe Ford

After giving this EP a listen I think  Mr. Ford reached his goal regarding this action packed and smashing EP.  From the stomping vibes of the title track “Let it Out” to the techy neurofunk sounds of “Ionize”  to the  well crafted dancefloor mayhem of “Caution Ft. Linguistics” to the new style roller “Transpose”, this is probably the best work I have personally heard from Joe Ford.

Preview “Let it Out” and “Caution FT. Linguistics”  below:

These tunes will definitely grace my forthcoming sets as this is a great release for Joe Ford and  Shogun Audio.

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Official release date is April 29th, 2016.

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