Joe Ford, BSE & SOM, Prolix, Rido – Lifecycle: Destruction – Blackout Music


Joe Ford – Into Black
Joe starts us off in a dark soundscape of low passed stabs and drone synths. Quickly a clean breakbeat takes center stage and the ambiance starts to build toward the first break. On the first break the stabs come to the forefront and start driving quicker and quicker as the tension builds. Once the sounds cut away from the vocal, the drop follows shortly after and it comes in with a fury. Huge reece baseline changeups and well-timed synth stabs accompany a stomping break beat. The drum pattern is absolute chaos as it pounds through the speakers with creative edits and timing changes to keep the listener completely focused. This tune is going to cause absolute terror on the dancefloors.

Black Sun Empire & State of Mind – Fateful Hour
Starting off with a four on the floor beat accompanied by filtering synth stabs reminiscent of early 2000’s dnb, this tune lets you know right out of the gate that it’s going to be moving. Once the tension builds to the break point the tracks title sample drops and the tune gives a quick pause to highlight the synth stabs on their own. The tension slowly starts building again towards the drop and once it hits nobody is safe. The synth stabs return accompanied by a distorted bass stab underneath them and a huge running break. This techy tune falls right in line with the Black Sun Empire brand and carries the weight of the current DNB sound. This tune is sure to fall right in with many different sets, but one thing is for sure, this will be a peak hour tune as it is absolutely running!

Prolix – Elixir
Set in a horrific soundscape the single crisp high hats is all that is constant. Quickly joined by a clean and minimal break the intro is extremely dj friendly. Filtered elements swirl around as the tension builds towards the drop. The break disappears and the filters open revealing the squelchy and edgy stabs and a building drum build that releases quickly into the drop. The tune storms off pounding the drums and bass stabs to create a real headbanger that has tons of movement. Sound design on this one is next level as there are just layers and layers of high passed bass sounds playing around on top of the sub. This tune has a lot of energy packed into it and it makes it impossible to sit still when listening to it.

Rido – The Tune
The tune stars off with a movie like soundscape that reminds me of early kung fu films. A kick drum and heavily distorted synth line quickly come in and start giving the tune life. The melody of the distorted synth line holds the same vibe as the kung fu soundscape but also teases a counter melody that quickly diverts your attention. Then a new melody comes in over the kick and the building tension releases into a minimal but extremely well-designed drop with just a few elements to focus on. The minimal break leaves plenty of room for a high line melody from the intro and distorted white noise stabs with well timed synth stabs and percussion that keep the tune moving forward. The engineering on this one is going to set the bar for a lot of producers. The clean production and minimal break are a vibe all its own. Can’t wait to hear this tune mixed in on a big system!

Words by Bad Martian