Joe Ford – Abstract Places EP – Eatbrain


Beyond the reach of both time & space lay a land not bound by such restrictive rules, in which all manner of phenomena beyond that of the material ordinary were possible. Within this distant realm the so called “laws” of nature disobeyed themselves, warping the perceptions of any who had managed to successfully undertake the multiplanar journey to reach its impossible location. Herein, stone grew with the vivacity of plants through air that seemed to surround any being with an aberrant curiosity, as though inquisitive of what sought to inhale its essence. The waters of the world, such as they were, provided a more sturdy footing that that of the tumultuous earth from which gouts of flame occasionally appeared, perfectly inert as though frozen in time. 

Whilst the journey could be made, true navigation through this plane was impossible for beings of the human material plain as evidenced by the seemingly mummified figures that occasionally appeared across its lands. Prisoners of endless age, their bodies held the positions of their final waking moments, trapped halfway through motions & expressions that would never find completion. Their faces bore no pain, their bodies no wounds. The sounds of their ends, it was said, were all of the evidence that they had passed. Within these ABSTRACT PLACES, such dying cries reverberated endlessly, each adding their own sonic character to the quiet din of death that filled the air.

JOE FORD makes his Eatbrain debut with ABSTRACT PLACES, his first solo release both on the label and since his 2018 LP Colours in Sound. LUMBERING BEAST opens the EP upon the roaring tonalities of its gargantuan bassline, backed by the determined strides of its steady drumbeat. THE END decries an apocalyptic demise with its sinister synth arpeggio and the rending sweeps of its bassline, which cleave through the track with unparalleled might. URGENCY wastes no time in rushing to fill the void left by its predecessor, speeding forth with a torrent of snares surrounded by an electrified sonic atmosphere. WAR MARCH issues the command to surrender in the face of its unrestrained might, before delivering a bassline barrage that closes the EP with finality. With ABSTRACT PLACES, JOE FORD holds nothing back across his first four track appearance on the EATBRAIN label.

Joe Ford is a man on a mission, ready to shake up the world of D&B and beyond with his own unique brand of bass music destined for dance floors across the globe. Hailing from Harrogate UK, Joe leads a new wave of producers currently taking the scene by storm, setting himself apart with an already outrageously accomplished studio skill set and trademark hi-tech drum & bass sound tinged with rock, funk and everything in between.

With a flurry of activity around early releases on Bad Taste, Med School, a Beatport dubstep chart no.1 with the Mission EP on Caliber Music and huge support on UKF, Joe Ford is one of the most exciting talents currently in electronic music, worldwide. Picked up by Friction and K-Tee, Joe now sits as an exclusive Shogun Audio artist alongside one of the most prestigious rosters in the game.

After his stint as support act for Noisia’s I Am Legion tour, his debut Shogun track ‘Stride’, from the Way Of The Warrior 2 compilation album, marked his arrival in style. Continuing throughout 2014 with his downright dangerous ‘The Moment’ ft Tasha Baxter b/w the effervescent ‘Neon’ release and a remix for one of the biggest USA EDM’ers in the game, Datsik, he sealed the year with ‘Off Centre’ and knocked us all for six. In fact his rework of ‘Hold It Down’ forced Datsik to exclaim “Joe Ford is the future!” in a recent interview…and who are we to argue.

2015 saw Joe gaining even more notoriety with his very own radio show on the legendary Kiss Fresh / FM whilst releasing his heavily hammered 5-track ‘All Of Us’ EP on Shogun. All of these activites contributing towards an ever-increasing DJ schedule.

Joe Ford steps up agin in early 2016 with a brand new showcase of razor-sharp drum & bass cut firmly for the floor. The ‘Let It Out EP’ marks his return to the fore on the back of an Australian / New Zealand Shogun – 100 DJ tour.

Moving from strength to strength over the past few years Joe has now finished his first debut album, there’s no doubt Joe’s coming to conquer, you’ve been warned.



Joe Ford