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JINX LP – Street Series Vol. 46 – Liondub

Liondub proudly welcomes Birmingham mainstay JINX to the label, and is well pleased to present the first bonafide full length LP on the Liondub Street Series. Having steady releases over the past decade+ on Dread, Co Lab, Ruffneck Ting and Soul Deep to name a few, Jinx comes fully armed, and fully correct for Series #46 with 10 hard-hitting, funky, murky, rolling Ragga Jungle infused Drum & Bass cuts. Come Again!

For Jinx , Music is in the blood. Growing up with two other djs in the family;a father with a passion for soul, motown and reggae and a elder brother with a love for breakbeat,hip hop,it was inevitable that he’d follow a similar path and it makes sense that these influences combined paved a way for his own adoption of jungle and drum and bass.

By 98 Jinx was deep in the culture , playing regularly as part of Stourbridge’s Lifted Parties alongside Aries and Co-lab RecordingsBenny D , and at events across birmingham from then on Jinx‘s path was set .

Tired of playing other peoples tracks and eager to craft his sound Jinx has managed to carve a path in the jungle and drum and bass scenes seeing succes both as part of Lion Fire alongside Gold Dubs and Aries and alone with releases on Ruffneck Ting , Pure Vibes , Dread Recordings ,
Natty Dub & many more .

Now a vetrian Artist in his own right,Jinx has got a tonne of experience under his belt.He’s taken his high energy,quick fire mixing style global, playing rolling tearout mixes as far across the pond as Australia as well as play at many festivals and events across the UK. despite his humble attitude and insistance that hes still very much on a path of learning with his production , his own creations , which he likes to describe as “Feel good party music for the dance floor ” have seen universal acclaim for the blending of unique sampling, unmistakable energy and incorportion of a variety of influencies, from soul to hip-hop , through funk and reggae , these factors have led to nominations at the We Love Jungle Awards for best break through producer and gets recoginition from some of the scenes
heaviest hitters …







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