Jayline – Street Series Vol. 33 – Liondub International


Liondub unleashes the third Street Series of 2019 and celebrates the 10th anniversary of the label with an absolutely wicked EP from none other than Jayline. This EP sees the Essex don on his A+ game, offering up 5 tracks that delineate his inimitable talent and versatility as a producer. Jayline hits hard on this one with everything from Jump Up, to sub Rollers, and at the request of Lion himself, three absolutely wicked Jungle tracks. This EP has already received wide ranging support and is definitely one of the biggest Street Series releases to date.

JAYLINE has done more than most could accomplish in their 20s and now hitting his early 30s is very much an established DJ. Hailing from Basildon Essex he has stamped his mark worldwide as a DJ and is now doing the same as a Producer. He spent 2 years in Toronto and won the 2009 Drum and Bass Awards for the Best Club night of 2009. That in itself shows he knows his DJs, he knows his music and he still has his finger on top of it all, proving it with the remixes he is coming with currently.

Releases on Random Concept Digital led to bookings for him at The Roadmender in Northampton, for one of the UKs biggest Drum and Bass promoters, Random Concept. He has also plays for Rough Tempo, Definition, Breakin Science, Garden Of England, Junta, Ruff Agenda, Bassmania (Germany) Respect Drum & Bass (L.A) Skank n Bass (Belgium) Revolt (Belgium) to name a few.

Now with his own Label, Sound Bully Audio, he has teamed up with Barikade and Brockout to release the next generation to your ears. 

Jayline has teamed up with Jekz his new label manager & partner to DJ Fly at The Garden Of England event promotion. Expect to see SoundBully label nights & a whole load of brand new SoundBully releases for 2018 & beyond.






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