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With the recent myriad of new school jump up producers entering the market, you can easily find yourself straying from the artist you started with and moving away from a staple ingredient can ruin the recipe. DJ/Producer Jaydan is one of those staples. Known for a tireless devotion to quality releases, high energy sets and just plain sincerity, ravers have seen him shoot up the ranks in recent years with his own inimitable style. Not without notable beginnings, his relation to the legendary Playaz label and it’s soldier’s like Original Sin, Sub Zero, and Taxman saw his initial releases on imprints such as Propaganda and Ganja Recordings. Now coming into his own through his experiences running his Smokin Riddims imprint, Jaydan has procured a focused production philosophy and continues to be one of the most in demand D&B DJs in the UK and abroad – including recent appearances stateside at Respect in Los Angeles. Celebrating his latest release, Cold As Ice EP on touted Belgian jump up authority Gun Audio, he answers a few carefully concocted questions from the DNB Vault.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us in between the studio and traveling abroad! Can you tell us what you’ve done this week?
I’ve been doing promo for the Lunos release, I’ve also finalized the next project, artwork and locked the promo and release dates of the next release which is from Liz-E. On top of that I’ve done a couple of studio sessions working on mixdowns of new tunes to play out this coming weekend which this week starts on Thursday on a boat party in Antwerp and I’m there in total for three days before coming back to the UK to do a show for Shadow Demon, this is a very busy week for me.

How are your current surroundings influence your music?
I think gigs are where I draw most of my influence from currently, I’m fortunate to be able to see what’s working in the clubs and what people are enjoying and take inspiration from that. As you know I make a lot of different styles of drum & bass so I try where possible to push my own influences into my sets and gauge people’s reactions.

Do you take your time in the studio or tend to push multiple projects?
I work reasonably quickly when I’m in the zone, it’s rare I work on one tune all session unless it’s at the finishing stage in which case I like to see it through before I move onto anything else. Some tunes write themselves, some are labours of love and can take months to get right.

With your relationship with Low Down Deep blossoming recently, how have your works changed from what you would do for Playaz or Smokin’ Riddims?
Generally Playaz seem to enjoy my deeper tracks as opposed to my jump up works, the thing is that I enjoy jump up, I love high energy music from a DJ point of view and Low Down Deep embrace that side of what I do, they also have a great audience for high energy music so it gets my dancefloor stuff out to the right demographic and it’s really helped me to engage the new generation of ravers which is positive.

In your opinion, what makes an anthem?
This is a subject I’ve talked about to people around me in depth, I think we don’t really have anthems anymore in the true sense of what it historically represented. I think it’s not a case of people aren’t writing the right tunes now I just think that now everything moves so fast tracks don’t get the time to grow to that status anymore, everyone receiving the same tracks at the same time two weeks before release doesn’t give a track time to saturate and get into everyone’s hearts, also everything gets a VIP two weeks after coming out which again stops the momentum of the original.

You’re known for firing off some classic collaborations with people like GDub, Sub Zero, Upfront and more. Who would you want to match sounds with next?
There’s quite a few people I’m speaking with at the minute about doing collabs, Dominator, Raz, plus most of my label artists so there will be more to come soon, I think me & Majistrate will eventually get round to a tune, we have talked about it a lot over the years so that’s one I definitely want to get sorted (laughs).

You’re known as a serious DJ and from your recent documentary on the road a very busy one! Which are some of your rewind tunes of the moment?
There’s a few tracks getting some great responses at the minute. A couple of my current favourites are Hedex & Upgrade “Kill Em”, Upfront “Murder Squad” VIP, Sub Zero “Badman Riddim” and a couple from me that have been working well.

With your experiences playing in Belgium, how do you feel the country has affected the DnB as well as jump up flavors in itself?
Belgium is without a doubt the strongest place for dnb right now and has been for a couple of years, I think it’s changed the jump up sound based on the age of the ravers out there, 90% of the parties are 16+ as opposed to the UK where its age 18 and up, they seem to enjoy a less serious and more fun sound. I’ve adapted what I do slightly when making jump up for it to fit in with what they like and it seems to be working so im pleased but you can still definitely tell it’s me I think.

Drink of choice when smashing the dance?
Currently it’s Grey Goose Vodka with orange juice (laughs).

What do you have coming up next for the fans of your productions and imprint, Smokin’ Riddims?
My four track EP Cold As Ice on Gun Audio, plus a track titled “All Crew” coming on Low Down Deep this month (May) on another Sit On My Bass EP. More long term I decided recently to revive my album project which I started a little while back, due to the way music is consumed by the public these days it’s not really an album market as such so im going to be doing this album in two parts, so it will be two six or seven track EP’s and part one will be dropping in August and is titled A Decade Of Industry as this is my 10th year releasing music. Label wise the next release is From Liz-E The Underground EP and that will be dropping on May 18, that will then will be followed by EP’s from Freek, Samy Nicks & Request, Voltage, Aesthetics, Upfront and a few multi artist projects. Lots going on.

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