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Jaxx – Grape Stomper / Lemon Tree – NATTY DUB

Back once again with Jaxx in the building! Natty Dub launch release 52 across the world with ‘Grape Stomper’ and ‘Lemon Tree’. Two pretty tamely named tunes that really lure you into a false sense of security because trust us when we say… “it’s a warning!”.

Remember the wump wump bass from back in one of the many days of drum and bass? Well Jaxx has certainly given it a spring clean, chucked in some extra weight and made that whole genre defining sound into something fresh again. It’s the full driving force behind ‘Grape Stomper’ and even without knowing it, you are probably twitching your foot in anticipation.

‘Lemon Tree’ is certainly a nod to the Suv sound of the past with some bright and catchy lead instruments, polished breakbeats and of course… that Bristol bassline. Other recent releases from Natty Dub have certainly been a tip of the hat to Full Cycle and co and this classy release from Jaxx is really on the same wave. Sophisticated business.

A relative newcomer to the Drum & Bass scene. Hemel Hempstead DJ/Producer and Label owner Jack Rance aka “Jaxx” is catching people’s attention with his full impact dance floor music.

His musical journey started at a young age where he learned to play the bass guitar, growing up he found himself listening to mixtapes and CD packs from the likes of Mampi Swift, the Full Cycle crew, and DJ Hazard which lit the fires for his love for Drum & Bass. Upon turning 18, Jaxx started to go raving which further cemented his decision to devote his time and energy to this culture.

Shortly thereafter, Jaxx bought his first set of turntables and began honing his skills and talents as a DJ, which paid off to great effect – to date, Jaxx has played across the U.K. & Europe. Jaxx then moved into producing his own music and his beats quickly gained support from the likes of DJ Hype, DJ Brockie, Logan D, and Bladerunner to name a few.

In 2016, Jaxx officially joined the Natty Dub Recordings roster after releasing the collaborative remix of Cabin Fever’s “Make Your Move” alongside Illphaze, and the monster track ‘Persepolis” as part of the label’s mighty “Rise Of The Soldiers” LP.

Keep your eyes on this rising talent as he’s lined up a number of heavyweight releases for 2020







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