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JAWX – Alone (feat. Katrine R. Wiken) – [Free Download]

JAWX – Alone (feat. Katrine R. Wiken)

One of the cool things about writing music reviews is that we get early access to a lot of coveted released before they come out. Another one is that we sometimes get emails from readers sending us their own creations and sometimes, they are pretty damn awesome! Such is the case with Alone from JAWX, a Norwegian producer who had his start in the late 90’s publishing his first tracks with the like of TeeBee and Polar when he was 20 years old.

After a burgeoning career in production and engineering in a studio, he decided to step away from music in 2005, like many do when societal pressures to lead so-called normal life creep in upon reaching our thirties. For some people in can be a wake up call and actually make them discover really cool occupations that are fulfilling. For others it can be the end of their dream of, well… becoming the next TeeBee…

Whatever the case may have been for JAWX, it’s good to know that someone this talented has decided to start making music again, because this tune, which features the lovely voice of his wife Katrine, should be a bonified hit! It’s something along the lines of Spor’s song with Tasha Baxter “As I Need You”, a perfect blend of soft and sensual liquid funk with pounding drums and tearing neurofunk basses.

I must say I enjoyed Mrs. Wiken’s voice a lot more than I do Tasha Baxter’s… less nasal, less moaning, more like the soft and soothing voice of the girl from the Cardigans, you know that 90’s pop band from Sweden that actually made a really musically interesting album? So yeah, it kinda sounds like the Cardigans meet Neurofunk!

Not only is this track excellent, but JAWX is even generous enough to let you have it for free, and believe you me, you want this!

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