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This is a monstrous world. Since time immemorial, great beasts have awakened and lain waste to the achievements of humanity. Their monstrous forms plagued our ancestors, waylayed those who so explored our world, and even now they tear through our cities of steel in order to feed their endless hunger for destruction. Over time however, we have learned to fight back. We have crafted labyrinthine underground networks dedicated to defeating them. We have pioneered numerous advances in the realms of science to allow us to go beyond ourselves, to face these monsters head on as we battle for our very survival. Even as cataclysm rocked our world and the sky fell in pieces around us, we have endured, for that is our way. Yet for all of these trials we have overcome, for all of the great beasts we have slain, we have yet to face our greatest trial. For now, at the turning of the clock, this world’s most terrible fury shall come for us with all of its might.

Long buried within the world’s deepest depths, entombed under layer upon layer of time and age and passed over by century upon century, a behemoth unlike any other has slumbered for unknown millenia. This being was a Progenitor, the first of its kind to walk the lands of this world, and thus it is inexorably bound to it. Those who have stood against it before have never managed only to seal it once more within the depths from whence it came, and therein it has been gathering strength since. Prophecy foretells that the Progenitor shall return to the land in the footsteps of the ninety-nine monstrosities below it, and our warriors affirm that the ninety-ninth such great beast has been slain. Thus, we now face our ultimate reckoning, one that could unmake the very world itself. Best ready yourself, dear warrior, for at this moment the Progenitor comes for us all, and it is most assuredly ANGRY.

EATBRAIN celebrate their landmark 100th release with ANGRY//NEVER BE, the latest single from label boss JADE. A pair of tracks as equally monumental as the occasion of their release, ANGRY//NEVER BE surges forth into the next era of EATBRAIN with the label’s classic cinematic flair, merging wickedly warped basslines with pulp vocal samples, explosive percussion, and electrified atmospheres to synthesize the full frontal neurofunk assault for which the label is so well known. Spurred on by these sensational sonics & lead once more under the expert command of JADE, the monstrous menagerie of the EATBRAIN horde shows no signs of slowing down as they advance into triple digit territory to the tune of ANGRY//NEVER BE.

JADE – Angry

Angry starts up in an industrial yet ambient space.  Swirling and swooshing sounds whip you towards a quick fake drop and into some lovely half time percussive elements that start to give the dj some solid timing to work with.  The appregiated bassline disappears and returns with a well-timed vocal and quickly switches to the drop of the tune. The main bassline stays in place as multiple basslines come in and out of the soundscape creating a controlled chaos that transfers a huge amount of energy to the listener.  The crisp, layered drums cut through all of the basslines perfectly and provides that stage for all of the synthesis to really shine.  Energy, development and sound design are all top notch on this absolute heater from Jade.  Drop this one to get the dancefloors attention at almost any event.

JADE – Never Be

A haunting vocal comes into focus but is quickly followed by building percussive elements.  The build up quickly releases the tension into another build up without the percussive elements this time.  Using the vocal and some synthesis Jade lets this new build lead right to the drop.  Once the tune drops its an absolute onslaught of manipulated basslines.  The main bassline uses a super quick LFO on it to create a massive amount of tension and energy.  Each 16 bars the tension is released and reset with perfectly laid out drum changes and bassline edits.  The vocal continues to provide a haunting and eerie background for the tune to play on top of.  The end result is a trippy banger that has the listener both dancing and looking over their shoulder.  The main bassline with the LFO is sure to sound wicked on a huge sound system. 

Words by Bad Martian












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