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Interview with the mighty TEDDY KILLERZ on their Patreon, release with Eatbrain, and much more.

So we know you guys are no stranger to Eatbrain. But would you mind sharing what it was like working with the guys at over at Eatbrain for this release?

This year we went in a different format. Instead of EP as we did in past, we decided to deliver proper dance floor single. I think it worked out really well!

The art for Ghosts / Final Boss turned out really amazing. Did you guys help design it?

Artworks of Eatbrain are always masterpieces. Their designer works on it & we trust him 100%. We usually only discuss the whole concept or idea we have for art & that’s it:)

Would you mind telling us about your Patreon?

We launched our Patreon 1 year ago & we grew into nice community of like-minded people. Each month we share some exclusive tracks, remixes or bootlegs for all patrons. For those who are into production we have our most popular Producer Tier. Subscribers of Producer Tier get samples & presets on monthly basis as well as tutorials, production streams & project files. Tons of different stuff for learning & making music basically:)
We also have VIP tier for a few people who are interested in 1-to-1 lessons we do on Zoom. And we actually proud of progress our students do!

Where do you see yourselves in the next 5 years ?

I think how is more important. Inspired, healthy, traveling & doing shows!

Are there any artist you think we should be watching for in 2021?

For us 2 main producers this year are Effin & Kompany. They both are extremely talented & have incredible skills!

As shows and festivals start to open up, is there one that you are looking forward to the most?

Let It Roll , I think. To catch up with all friends & celebrate music together! And we are also excited to get back to the US as soon as possible.



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