Insomniax Top 5 Viper Recordings Tracks


Insomniax have just released their awesome new EP ‘Uridium / Longest Night’ on Viper VIP. You can buy it HERE
So we thought we could catch up with them to find out what their top 5 Viper tracks of all time are.

L Plus – Middle East Sun
When this track was released we had already been big fans of Viper and had both been buying and playing their releases since Viper 001 but for us, this was was the turning point, we knew this label was up there with the likes of Ram and Hospital.

Epic intro with beautiful ethnic chants and percussion mixed with a slight tease of what is going to happen next. Then BAM … That killer drop of acid funk bass stabs just gives you a slap round the face. Kills the dancefloor every time and we still play it in our sets now.

Brookes Brothers – Crackdown
We first heard this when Ollie used to promote a DnB night called Freshold. The Brookes Brothers came down to play in 2007 and dropped this in their set and for us it was for us an instant classic.

A prime example of simplicity done at its best. Rolling drums with a bassline that elegantly squelches and slides around with subtle portamento, organ layers and a conga riff that compliments and drives the track throughout. Shout to our good mates Dan and Phil for this one, Absolutely stunning track!

Matrix – Shelter
We were both huge fans of Matrix’s work long before he teamed up with our boss Futurebound. Some of our favourite tracks of his include “The Temperament” which was part of his Sleepwalk EP on Virus and also “Tightrope” in which he partnered up with Quarantine Recordings owner Dj Fierce.

Shelter was the first track in a long time in which we heard that old classic Matrix sound that we loved so much in the late 90s. The track just rolls out from start to finish, with that trademark bassline that just hums alongside those stabs that give the track its identity. Matrix is an absolute genius in the studio and it was really refreshing to hear him go back to that old style that he was so well known for. A must have in our Viper top 5.

Prototypes ­– Pale Blue Dot
Pale Blue Dot was released on Viper just after we signed to the label. In our opinion it was the track that shot the prototypes right up to the highest ranks in the DnB scene. The production is so slick from start to finish, it set a standard of quality on the label that is quite hard to beat.

Huge sci-fi, cinematic intro and unmistakable dialogue, followed by that drop which is why it was possibly the biggest tune of 2014. The ultimate DJ weapon! Big up the Prototypes.

Shock one – Polygon (Dirtyphonics remix)
We loved the original of this and its not very often that you hear a remix that tops the original. However in this case Dirtyphonics took this remix to the next level. It’s all about that tempo change crescendo that gives this remix that almighty build up to that high octane, electro riff madness that kills it on the dance floor every time!

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