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In:Most – Embers feat. Walk:r & Carasel

Soulvent records has given us some really incredible music over the years. Not the least of which was gathered in their ‘5 Years of Soulvent’ released last year. This month they give us a taste of things to come from them showcasing the forthcoming release from In:Most in April with this single ‘Embers’. It’s a strong showing that gives us many reasons why they’ve invested in a full length album from In:Most. Enlisting support from the likes of Carasel and Walk:r ; both names to watch if you don’t already know. It’s no wonder that In:Most is attracting collaboration talent from all over the world of Drum & Bass. If this tune is any indication of what’s on the way, the new album should be stuffed full great new grooves.

InMost gives us a wonderful sample of things to come not only from the duo’s corner; but, also overall from Soulvent Records. They are one of the stronger high quality labels out there as their collections have demonstrated. And they’ve done a great job recruiting talent from all over the spectrum for the forthcoming release. This track is bursting with things that make a keeper with long legs: great MC lyrics, fantastic rolling subs, very clean snare hits and just plain old great synth effects. Great soundtrack material for that “spark the match” moment.





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