Inbox With Random Movement: Week 35

Random Movement

Random Movement returns to dig through his inbox and share his top promo pick for week 35.

So I managed to talk the folks here at DNBVault to give me a soapbox to shout about awesome music to all of you. The tunes I’m going to be sharing with you are a snapshot of my favorite tunes I’ve received on promo for that week. The music I’ve selected here will be released within the month, if the songs haven’t been released already. (Hint: google it!) Chances are if I’m writing about a tune in this section, its because it deserves to be spoken about. You aren’t going to read a whole lot of bad reviews here. I don’t like to write about stuff that doesn’t interest me, so if a track is mentioned here, its because I like it and plan on playing it out regularly. To hell with the rating systems too… You’ll know if its a 10 out of 10 or not when you give the tunes a listen. – Random Movement

Dawn Wall & A.I. – Kythera EP – Integral Records

Holy shit. Who is Dawn Wall, and where did he/she/they/it come from? Integral Records has found a diamond in the rough yet again with the release of the Kythera EP, a step in the direction of awesome. A.I. team up for a collar to start the release out with “Between the Sheets”, a sexy, deeper number with a slick female vocal that you can expect to hear me opening with for a while. The title track rides out with a deep roller vibe and tuned-down vocals, a great late-night drive track. Seeds of change incorporates an epic landscape of swirling orchestral melodies, a great tune for DJ’s trying to go from the deep side of things to the epic big-room uplifters. “Angel Field” takes us to the darker regions of Dawn Wall’s insatiable skill set, with big brooding bass and a melody that takes a turn for the angry. I hope I haven’t slept too long on these guys, because they epitomize the up-and-coming artists with too much talent for their own good. Lets hope we see more from them soon, because I just can’t get enough!

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