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Inbox With Random Movement: Week 29

Random Movement supplies us with his promo picks as he digs through his inbox and shares his top choices for week 29.

So I managed to talk the folks here at DNBVault to give me a soapbox to shout about awesome music to all of you. The tunes I’m going to be sharing with you are a snapshot of my favorite tunes I’ve received on promo for that week. The music I’ve selected here will be released within the month, if the songs haven’t been released already. (Hint: google it!) Chances are if I’m writing about a tune in this section, its because it deserves to be spoken about. You aren’t going to read a whole lot of bad reviews here. I don’t like to write about stuff that doesn’t interest me, so if a track is mentioned here, its because I like it and plan on playing it out regularly. To hell with the rating systems too… You’ll know if its a 10 out of 10 or not when you give the tunes a listen. – Random Movement

Lurch – Beating Heart EP – Soul Deep Recordings

If you don’t know about this cat, you’d better get to know. Lurch has been making a name for himself over the past couple of years with some seriously beautiful music along the soulful lines, and this marks his 4th release with Soul Deep Recordings. The Beating Heart EP is the perfect culmination of his skills and efforts giving us a real taste of what he is about musically, and where he is headed for the future. “Beating Heart” is a nice deep driver with across-the-spectrum sub bass and a pristine vocal bit. “Misheif Dub” hits us with old-timey piano and horn samples that turn into an serious duppy-bass groover. “Stars Shining” rolls thru with melodic grooves and a slick vocal to tie it all together. Adrienne Richards lends her vocal skills and smooth lyrics on “Love Note”, a deep and moving piano-driven song with a somber and reflective vibe, my personal favorite on the release, all bias aside. Once again, Lurch has shown us how its done with his latest musical endeavor. What a talented little bastard. 😉

DJ Chap – Terrorist EP – Chronic Recordings

Chap brings the fire again with the Terrorist EP, a heavy banger of a release suitable for the Chronic badge of honor. This guy has been on my radar for years now, making a versatile selection of music from soulful to down-right nasty, and this release definitely sits on the nasty end of his musical spectrum. The title track sets the feel for the album with a heavy but techy bass and rolling beats. “Emperor” has got _that_bass_ that seriously rocks well on a system under a doom-inducing erie atmosphere. “Homeless Root Sounds” brings us to a more melodic but still heavy-as-fuck style with big synth chords and a droning bass that moves. The ruff-and-tumble “Stressed” and the melancholy “Over” feature the vocal talent of Janz, who I’m sure we will be hearing much more from in the years to come. Yet another killer of an EP for Chap, go nab it!

The Insiders – Falling / Pathways – Intrigue Records

Ben and Joe return with an excellent deep-and-smooth single to add to the Intrigue catalogue. The bristol duo starts things off right with the tune “Falling”, a trip into a deep and thought-provoking realm with beautiful sun-induced melodies that flow over a low-mid-moving sub with lush pianos and the sound of children laughing. Rider Shafique makes an appearance for lyrical duties on “Pathways”, a mass-moving thumper with a spooky late-night journey that almost has a half time feel to it, even tho it doesn’t (if that makes any sense). A really solid single from two very solid artists. I can only hope that this is a taste of what we can expect to continue from the boys from Bristol. Big.

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Mike Ragga
Mike is the Editor-In-Chief and co-founder of the DNB Vault who, notably, was a long time writer for the now defunct KMAG while covering music and events from Warp Tour, NOFX, Dirtyphonics and Benny Page.

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