Inbox With Random Movement: Week 27

Random Movement

Random Movement supplies us with his promo picks as he digs through his inbox and shares his top choices for week 27.

So I managed to talk the folks here at DNBVault to give me a soapbox to shout about awesome music to all of you. The tunes I’m going to be sharing with you are a snapshot of my favorite tunes I’ve received on promo for that week. The music I’ve selected here will be released within the month, if the songs haven’t been released already. (Hint: google it!) Chances are if I’m writing about a tune in this section, its because it deserves to be spoken about. You aren’t going to read a whole lot of bad reviews here. I don’t like to write about stuff that doesn’t interest me, so if a track is mentioned here, its because I like it and plan on playing it out regularly. To hell with the rating systems too… You’ll know if its a 10 out of 10 or not when you give the tunes a listen. – Random Movement

Various Artists – The Low Road EP – Fokuz Recordings

Fokuz is steadily climbing the clout charts with an output of solid tunes over the years that have only gotten better over time. The Low Road EP only furthers that trend with this output from their starting players, and they hit the mark on this one. Simply Badassed. Kasper, Satl, Scott Allen & Jrumhand have all put together an EP that will stay in my record bag for years to come. The title track pushes that jazzy sound that Kasper is so well known for, with nice vibrophone and sax licks to set the mood. Satl’s “Joy” is littered with jazz trill flute, smooth rhodes, and funky rhythmic guitar that gives us that nice summer-rolling ride. These two guys get together and show us how its done with “We Could Always”, a tune that is obviously about sex, judging by that baseline. “Love So True” is all wrapped up in swirling piano chords and a hot vocal that makes this a beautiful, deep and emotional tune, just like the rest of this release is.

Various Artists – Modern Soul – Vandal Ltd.

Vandal Ltd. brings it again with this stellar selection of soulful bangers and blazers. This LP has something for everyone with a wide variety of styles from big atmospherics tunes to hard banging rollers and even into other juke-influenced rhythmic turf. With such a great selection of melodies, it is hard for me to really suggest anything besides BUY THE WHOLE THING, but I’ve got a tune on this one, so I say this at the risk of sounding biased. High points on the release for me are Pola & Bryzone’s “Territory” with its big beautiful melody, Fractale’s “Forest” for its bouncy vibe and slick guitar riffs, and Greazus & Subcorr’s “Safety First”, a slowed down unpredictable mover that made me wave my hand in the air like a drunk festival goer in my living room. What a selection of tunes, undoubtedly helping to secure this labels rising position as a mainstay for inspiring, soulful and innovative music.

Danny Rhodes – 2nd Street – Symphonic Distribution

Sometimes a song will take us somewhere we weren’t expecting. We sit down with a drink or other vice, we put a needle on a record, turn the volume up, and when that melody starts to play out of the speakers it triggers something in our memories from way back when, and it makes us relive those feelings and experiences again in our heads… Or at least thats how I am. And so I guess that is why I like this tune so much. Off I went to la la land on this late night cab ride through a sleeping city, remembering moments from my past around those deep tones and softened beats. And then Greg Packer comes out of the darkness and robs me blind at gunpoint with his remix! Powerful, moody bass and big, crunchy drums drive his take on the original. Solid release from two solid players.

Andy Sim – Liquidambar – Think Deep Recordings

Think Deep Recordings have lived up to their names again with their latest and greatest release, Liquidambar LP. Andy Sim has been on my radar for years and his tunes have been rinsed by me regularly. I’ve been waiting for a couple of these tracks to see the light of day, so you can imagine my excitement to get an entire unexpected album of fresh material from the guy, as well as newly-polished mixdowns of a couple I’ve had for a while! This LP goes from deep to uplifting, chill to energetic, and Andy Sim’s smooth style just straight kills it with some of these infectiously hot licks and riffs. Liquidambar is a true culmination of his talent, skill and thought. High points for me on this release are the bouncy and sleek “Meander”, the deep and moving “Inflcted VIP”, and the jazzy and hypnotic “Hope”. I can only look forward to this Andy’s continued output with enthusiasm and smiles. If you sleep on this release, you are a fool.

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