In The Dance With DJ Seen: Week 32

DJ Seen

Back again with another review for the dance floor heads, this time I’m reviewing Grum – Straight To Your Heart Remix by American power house producers Legion & Logam. I’ve been playing this tune for the better part of 2015 and it goes off every single time. I remember getting this in my inbox with a ton of restrictions, no mixes, don’t talk about it, only play it live but please keep it locked etc, at first I was like what is the fuzz all about but then I listened to the tune and understood the nature of the secrecy and why it was important to keep it locked. This remix is a straight up and down future classic, the kind of tune you can hear anyone play from super dance floor DJ’s to liquid D&B masters.

If you are familiar with the original house version you can appreciate what Legion and Logam did to this tune to make it their own. These guys injected a ton of energy to it by adding a simple but effective break, clean fulfilling bass and by using the piano loop and original vocals in ways that make you feel like you are back in the early rave days. If you are too young to remember or weren’t there just throw this on your stereo, make sure its loud, get yourself some Mickey Mouse gloves, close your eyes and you will be transported to a packed warehouse full of sweaty bodies going crazy in the dance.

As I write this I feel like I should make a D&B confession, a month or so after having this in my inbox we (The Burner Brothers) played at Webster Hall and recorded our set not realizing this tune was in the mix, so I hit up the Legion boys with my dilemma, we ended up having a nervous laugh about it and It was decided I would not mention the tune at all on the track listing or talk about it while promoting the mix… I had a few people ask me that something didn’t add up in the track list and denied it till the very end… well now that this is out you should check the mix again! (38 minutes in)

The Burner Brothers – Webster Hall Mix

I am really excited for Legion and Logam’s future, especially since they are from the United States and are great representatives of the American drum and bass sound. These guys will carry the torch for years to come here and abroad and I wish them nothing but pure vibes and success

If you want to hear them play this and the rest of their hits live, make sure to catch them at any of these events next:

Respect, LA August 20, 2015


Tomorrow World, ATL  September 25 – 26 – 27,  2015


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