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In The Dance With DJ Seen: Week 31

Welcome to another edition of “In the Dance with DJ Seen”, today as I get ready for a weekend full of vibes and hanging poolside with friends I noticed that the boys at North Base decided to bless everyone with a free tune to download. Disclaimer: If you are one of those DNB purists that hates everything that’s not super underground then do yourself a favor and stop reading this.

It’s not often that we hear massive pop songs given then D&B treatment and today is one of those special days, North Base has gone ahead and remixed Jack U ft. Justin Bieber – Where Are Ü Now and it is a dance floor banger! If you don’t know who Jack U is then perhaps if you are a purist and are still reading,  this is your second warning to stop right now… Jack U is composed by the mighty Skrillex and Diplo.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.00.05 AM

You have probably heard the original played to death on the radio, TV , YouTube etc. so this remix shouldn’t sound unfamiliar, North Base took this pop anthem and gave it the dance floor treatment starting with Justin’s vocals to a full on EDM style build with chopped vocals and pounding kicks once it drops they roll it out with all the original sounds used in a perfect way to achieve full bounce, half way thru the drums start to shuffle into the second breakdown when all hell breaks loose, we played this tune last weekend and had a full boat party of hardcore junglists getting down to it, so if they can get down to it anyone can! This is definitely a summer jam and you should rock this in your sets, not everyone in the crowd is a D&B chin stroker! Some people actually like to have fun and dance. If you wanted to introduce drum and bass to new people this would probably be a great song to get them acquainted to the sound, then of course you can go ahead and pound Noisia down their throats.

In the meantime grab this tune and see you in the dance!

Get it free from the North Base Soundcloud account.

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