In The Dance With DJ Seen: Week 29

DJ Seen

Welcome to “In the Dance with Dj Seen” a new weekly feature where I will be reviewing strictly dance floor smashers.

Viper Summer Slammers

Today I’m reviewing Viper Recordings – Drum & Bass Summer Slammers 2015 LP. Now in its six year Viper nails it once again with this compilation, truly capturing the summer festival dance floor vibe with 30 tracks from some of the hottest producers in the game. Dimension, Metrik, Mob Tactics, Smooth, Trei, Bmotion and Matrix and Futurebound are some of the artists that make a cameo on this compilation.

Most of the tunes you may have already heard or picked up as singles individually earlier in the season but make sure to grab the new exclusive tracks from this album because they are serious business, specially Mob Tactics – Zodiac, the stabs, tight drums and synths really grab you by the short hairs, this is Mob Tactics at its best. Then there is the melodic dance vibes from Smooth who as expected delivers a top of the line track in the form of “Moonlight”. Great melodies, stabs, clean drum programming and thick bass lines is exactly what I expect from Smooth every single time.

Another tune to check is Trei’s “Bengal”, this one just smashes right thru the speakers and is the kind of tune you want to have in your sets! I could go on about the cool ethnic vocal sample; the drums and insane programming but if you haven’t been living under a rock you know what Trei is capable off.

T & Sugah is a name I’ve been seeing popping up lately and their contribution to the compilation is stellar, “Alternate” has a really dope vibe, epic but low key synths really move this tune all the way to the drop when it just gets funky, this is one of those jams you have to pull a “swiiiiiiiitch” to change the pace and get the crowd wild (I realize only DJ’s will know what I mean by switch, but lets be honest who else is reading this shit ha-ha).

Let me not forget to mention Bmotion’s “Chaos” a bonafide banger that really stands out and will cause instantaneous damage “pon di dance”.

Honorable mentions go to Dexcel’s “Terminus”, Octo Pi, Dossa & Locuzzed and Pluton & Skyer all who provide a bit deeper and rolling tracks that round up this compilation nicely.

All in all there is a little bit for everyone here, and for the regular Drum & Bass consumer this is a good representation of the best tracks this summer season! I leave you with a mini mix of the compilation by none other than Mob Tactics! On that note I’ll be back next week with a new banger to review, until then… See you in the dance!

Order Viper’s Drum & Bass Summer Slammers LP here!

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