Hyperbots – Clipper (Boomslang Recordings)

Boomslang Recordings drops yet another heater by Hyperbots, a production duo out of Spain, with a pair of tunes to light up the dancefloors this summer!

At this point in their catalog, which is nearing the 1 year anniversary of their launch next month, you are pretty much guaranteed that whatever is coming out of the Boomslang camp is pure fire and quality. They are quickly becoming one of those labels that you just add their latest release into your cart for checkout. From world renown artist release like Heist, Saxxon, NC-17, Pish Posh and Jaybee to up and comers like Dropset, ESKR, Todd Buchler and Noize Komplaint; Boomslang runs the gambit of who’s who while never slacking on the tune quality. Hyperbots is prime example of this.

Making their debut on the Slither EP Vol 1, Hyperbots launched into warp speed with their tune “Take Me Away”. Now the duo is set to drop their first solo release and it’s nothing short of extraordinary.

The release was sent out on promo earlier this month gaining high praise and support from some top champions in drum and bass to the likes of Mean Teeth, DJ Hidden, SaSaSaS, and Zardonic. If this alone isn’t enough to get you chomping at the bits then let’s dive right into it.


You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, Clipper! From start to finish this tune is pure energy and emotion. We start with a build to the first drop that explodes into a symphony of drums, bass, synths, and finely cut vocals. Just when you think you can’t dance any harder you reach the second drop of mesmerizing layers of beautiful synthlines and piano only to be launched back into hyperspeed. This one will rock the dancefloors for years to come.


Speedlight begins mysterious and takes you directly into neon lights with an 80’s style synthline setting up for the first drop into pure power and madness. Beyond the drop is another dimension—a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. Teetering on the line of neuro and dancefloor, Speedlight is a hype machine only reserved for the peak of any set. Handcrafted and finely tuned, this masterpiece of sound will withstand the test of time.

Find out more about the Hyperbots and follow them on social media:

Hyperbots Facebook
Hyperbots Soundcloud
Hyperbots IG

Find out more about Boomslang Recordings and follow them on social media:

Boomslang Recordings Facebook
Boomslang Recordings Soundcloud
Boomslang Recordings IG
Boomslang Recordings Spotify

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