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Human Error – Intersection (Mindtech Recordings)


Just a few weeks ago I reviewed the massive Peace Of Mind LP from Belgian label Mindtech Recordings, and as I was writing my review, they had just released the new album from hard-hitting duo Human Error, “Intersection”. Comprised of Sylvain Cormant and Gilled De Ro, the duo has been collaborating since 2010 and this is their second album. Before listening to this LP, the name seemed somehow familiar even though I didn’t recall hearing their music before… and after having listened to “Intersection” I wondered why I had not heard their music before!

I really like this album, as it is a well-paced affair, balancing techy rollers and heavy neuro bangers with a few more leftfield tracks, there is never a dull moment. Their style reminds me of Black Sun Empire pre-2013, when their music had more depth and they weren’t afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone. It also made me think of Mindscape’s album “Martian Chronicles”, which had a similar vibe to BSE’s music back then (no wonder he eventually hooked up with their label).

Their productions boast immaculate, thunderous drums and impeccably designed, intricately modulated basslines, laced with deep, reverb-soaked techno stabs just like I love them. I appreciate that they steer clear of the screechy bro-step aesthetic that is gaining ground in neurofunk, in favour of rich sounds that make you want to dance without making your eardrums bleed!

However, I do have a few niggles with some elements of certain songs, but I don’t claim my opinion to be the undisputed truth. For instance, the opening track “Fearless” is a terrific way for them to start their album, as it is packed with enough energy to tear the dancefloor to pieces with an awesome cut-up bassline and probably the biggest snare you’ll hear besides KOAN Sound’s, BUT… the vocals provided by MC Shot are practically inaudible because they’re mixed too low. Were they trying to camouflage his accent? They didn’t need to, we know they’re European! I also have a bit of an issue with Sisley’s vocal styling’s on “Lose My Soul”, thinking they (and the lyrics) are a bit cheesy, but I’m incredibly difficult when it comes to vocals, and I get that it’s a good move to have a more accessible, softer tune with crossover potential, so I won’t hold it against them, especially since the song is actually very good, with a great liquid vibe and a killer, bouncy/elastic sub bass.
So, the album starts with a bang, with the afore-mentioned “Fearless”, which wonderfully sets the mood and lets you know you’re in for one hell of a ride, and things really kick into full gear on the second tune “Anger”, which has that classic BSE/Mindscape sound with a hard bass, awesome tech stabs and various arpeggio pattern that keep the pulsating rhythm strong throughout.

It is followed by my favourite tune on the album “My Nation”, which incorporates a cool footwork type pattern and a heap of hyperkinetic breaks with some great trance-y pads. Pure bliss. That one gives way to the other smoother song of the album “Lose My Soul” and we then return to hardcore neurofunk country with the title track “Intersection”, which doubles down on intense combination of heavy basslines and sidechained supersaw stabs, and even goes into a metal-like breakdown with the bass-drum patterns! By this point, one realises that they have effectively dethroned Black Sun Empire in their respective style.

The heaviness ensues with “On The Floor”, albeit with more of a party vibe, due to the inclusion of a vocal sample that sounds like DMX and his Ruff Rider Crew (if you’re around 30 or older you’ll remember 😉 ) which reminded me of the Deadpool movie and would actually have been a very fitting soundtrack to one of the movie’s fight scenes.

Human Error then takes into the home stretch with a succession of album’s 3 heaviest, dirtiest tunes starting with “Last Day”, a roller with enough power to rival anything coming from the Eatbrain stable. They then aim for the jugular with the mastodon of “Exodus”, which boasts one of the most colossal basslines of the album, and an assortment of splendid trance leads and synths, not to mention a rhythm that breaks from the 2-step pattern to switch things up a bit.

Of course they had to outdo that one and massively succeed with “Try Harder”, with its monstrous as fuck, frequency shifted bassline and drum patterns that cues from Djent metal and Noisia’s “Shellshock”. A truly remarkable climax that will definitely make you say: “Oh no they di-n’t!!!!

The duo ends things on a lighter note with a a massive big room-type of tune, “Budapest By Night”. It’s upbeat, highly melodic and makes you feel like you’re speeding along the streets of Budapest in a Lotus with lights flashing everywhere! Another one of the departures from neurofunk they have executed splendidly!

Since I bought the record on Mindtech Recordings’ Bandcamp, I got a bonus song! It’s called “Contamination” and fits perfectly within the hard-edged neuro sound on display throughout most of the album, with a cool vocal-like synth and the very welcome addition of tremendous Amen drum fills!

Another must have release from Mindtech Recordings, the “Intersection” LP by Human Error is a outstanding album which will please neurofunk and hard DnB enthusiasts, especially those who miss the glory days of Black Sun Empire! And by the way, the cover art is dope as well, a fitting visual counterpart to the futuristic music within!

You can get it directly from Mindtech’s Bandcamp page (which will get you that bonus song): https://mindtech.bandcamp.com/album/intersection-lp
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