High Frequency & Conrad Subs – Ignite EP – Nuusic


High Frequency and Conrad Subs join forces to offer us an EP on Nuusic. Titled ‘Ignite’ the theme here is self explanatory and it does not disappoint.

This EP is still out on the horizon a bit, but it should be on your radar cuz you don’t want to sleep on this one. Nuusic has a knack for knowing which way the wind is blowing in the Drum and Bass world and this is no exception. The very prolific Conrad Subs and the EP debut of High Frequency fit that bill quite well.

High Frequency – Nation

High Frequency starts us off with ‘Nation’ on his own showing off his engineering skills and they aren’t shabby at all to put it mildly. This track walks a great line between going deep into the jungle while not loosing itself to self indulgence. Taking jungle vibes and infusing them with dance floor sensibility that makes it extremely approachable. All of the jungle elements are here: complex chopped beats, change ups and fills, vocal samples dropped throughout and deep bass with plenty of variety. But, it never looses the feel for the dance floor either. A tough balance to strike and this makes it sound easy.

Conrad Sub & High Frequency – Ignite

The EP’s namesake doesn’t waste much time with the intro and right at the drop hits the floor with foot driving stares and the vocals carry it forward. Great atmosphere in the background adding layers that carry the vibe alternating with the vocals. A really smooth rolling drum pattern that talks to the bass line in this very melodic way mirror the vocals. After the break down at the second drop they have some engaging variations that make this an actual song that progresses and goes places. If you’re the type that only plays for first half of a track then you’re missing out on this one.

High Frequency & Conrad Subs – Give It To Me

Intro is a buildup with a soul vocal vibe and the drop gets funky AF and doesn’t look back. This one punches it and rolls on the open road and not waiting for you to catch up. It has these strong builds that dovetail into fills followed up by taking the music up a notch through the first half of the track. At the break down they build it up again for another round and it’s after the business. Once again, the second half of the track has surprises and rewards for the faithful and it just keeps ratcheting up the funk.

Conrad Subs – In Check (High Frequency remix)

I’m not sure what’s going on with all of the “check list” themed tracks the past few months in the Drum and Bass world. But, this once is my favorite so far. I’m loving the take High Frequency has on the remix. This is a good pre-flight check list if I’ve ever heard one and a very smooth flight at that. This has bounce and plenty of action going on with effects and it just drives man. A lot of drama and just keeps building energy through each section of the track. The way the drum pattern and the bass work together here really drives things, but there’s plenty of layers to pay attention to for those that listen closely.

It’s rare that you find an album or an EP where every single track is one that you wanna hear in rotation for some time. But, this one clears that bar easy. Every song on this EP is a keeper.

The ‘Ignite’ EP is available for pre-order.



High Frequency


Conrad Subs