Heist – Celestial (Boomslang Recordings)

Heist - Celestial - Boomslang Recordings

As we enter into 2021…

The age of Aquarius is upon us, Mars moves into Taurus, and Boomslang Recordings is traversing the cosmos with unrelenting resonance. The label’s latest offering features Heist’s highly anticipated triumph, Celestial. Launched into orbit alongside a planetary aligning remix from Noize Komplaint, two earth shattering examples of otherworldly, futuristic, tech-funk Drum & Bass at its finest.

Heist – Celestial (Original Mix)

Heist has proven himself to be unrestrained as a producer, artfully meticulous, masterfully articulating his concepts with cunning and deftness. This latest contribution is further evidence of Heist’s mastery and mystifying production techniques. Celestial opens up with rich, saturated horns drifting in and out of exquisitely ambrosial pads. An intro that breaks the dawn and parts the heavens, showering you with beams of mixed sunlight and shadow, while a devastating drum track gets your spirit motivated for ascendence. As the track breaks, a filtering vortex dissolves into a pulse, bass evolving and emerging in the form of synthetic paste, a subsonic pulp being whipped around in symmetrically reverberating formation. I hope you like to dance.

Celestial (Noize Komplaint Remix)

Blasting into the universe with incredible momentum and keeping up the cosmic transcendence of the original, Noize Komplaint gives Celestial a completely technotic and neurotic reworking. Unearthly arrangement and unmistakably authentic composition make Noize Komplaint’s Celestial remix an absolutely extraterrestrial transcription. Drum work that seems to splat in your face when it hits, supremely excellent processing and crucially tight edits. The bass line is hand crafted precision, meaty and chunky in all the right places. Just how we like it. A circuit bending interpretation of its predecessor and galactic ovation that will have you bouncing through the roof, the floor, likely both. Beginning the new year on a high note with this impressive provision, Noize Komplaint is clearly not your average production outfit.

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