Hearthis.at Drum and Bass Mix Contest


Germany-based Hearthis.at launched just three short years ago with one thing in mind, the artist. Today, the site hosts just under a quarter of a million users while offering 2 gigs of music uploads a week and 5,000 downloads lifetime on their free account services. For label owners and producers, the site also offers an outlet to sell to the fan directly at a next to nothing commission.

We recently caught up with the owner of the site to talk more about the history of the site and all it has to offer as well as some news on a drum and bass mix contest where 2 winners will receive a premium account for life!

How and why did you come up with the idea for Hearthis.at?
The idea was born in January of 2013 during a discussion with some DJ friends. While talking about music promotion, equal chances and possibilities of self-presentation, I noticed that it would be interesting to try something out, that my friends and I really needed. It couldn’t be that difficult, right?

Do you have a web development background, what is your background before hearthis.at?
I am the leading web designer of a software company. I use development tools to try out my visions. This is what I did before hearthis.at was launched, and this is what currently do.

The site has been picking up some major traction since it began. Do you know how many users you’re up to today?
Yes, hearthis.at was growing very fast during the last 3 years. We are so happy about each of the 600 new members every day and thankful about every of the 220,000 active users.

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What makes hearthis.at different than say a SoundCloud or MixCloud?
I think we are different because we aren’t a company. We are just a very small group of guys having fun developing tools for artists and listeners. We are focusing on communication with the people, discussing each single step of our future and try to offer reliable services for everyone.

So I hear that you’re a pretty big fan of drum and bass and you also dj as well?
Yes. I have been dj’ing drum and bass since 2001 here in Germany under the name Shawne. The music family is really awesome and it makes it so much fun to meet and play with some big names of the game.

Are there any new features that we should keep an eye out for over at hearthis.at?
We are currently developing some cool features for labels and producers to monetize their hard work without exploiting their listeners. Hopefully, this will be available this summer!

Are there any final words you’d like to say to the readers and fans out there?
Hearthis.at is now 3 years old and we just want to say, thank you all for such a wonderful time, your lovely feedback about our hard work and sorry for so many mistakes we did in the past. You made this small experiment of one stupid, idealistic guy what it is today. A self-financed project which hopefully never forgets its roots. Thank you and also thank you DNB Vault for the chance of this interview.


Hearthis.at & DNB Vault contest

The rules of the contest are simple.

1. Record a fresh 30-60 minute mix
2. Login to or create your own free account at hearthis.at
3. Upload your 30-60 minute mix no later than May 4th
4. Copy the link of your mix
5. Go to the official Hearthis.at DNB Vault contest group and add your mix link to the official contest group
6. Share the official Hearthis.at DNB Vault contest group link on your social media pages

Two winners will be picked by the DNB Vault and Hearthis.at
Winners will be chosen based off of track selection, mixing ability, and user feedback.
Winners will be announced on May 25th

Prizes include:
Their mix featured on DNB Vault and Hearthis.at
Their hearthis.at account will be upgraded to a lifetime premium account