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Gun Audio Celebrates 5 Years of City Flow With 3 EP’s

There is no denying the impact of the Belgian youth on the world wide drum and bass scene over the last few years. Their enamored support for many aspects of the sound has traveled far, spanning countries and continents. The energy of the scene carried by the now defining nu jump up sound taking over the EU. If jump up is the sound then Gun Audio is the countries’ label. Homegrown from DJ’s Gunman and Judah, their pension for high energy sounds conveniently coupled with another taste for variation, has spawned some of the most memorable EP’s/LP’s of recent years including appearances from current tastemakers such as, Annix, Bladerunner, and Nu Elementz.

In what seems like a landslide of releases, the Gun Audio camp open up the summer with three full length EP’s just over the span of four days to celebrate five years of the City Flow D&B festival! Easily ready to grab after each night of raving this weekend beginning April 30 with “The Mother Russia EP”; Ceph brings his trademark gritty bit-crunched sounds alongside Low Riderz own techniques on “Enormous Weight”; with bruising, techy beat edits! Transitioning quickly to May 1, a very welcomed appearance from DJ Harvest presents a huge return to the dancefloor with the tearing title track, The Dark Crystal. This one seriously gets the head banging, and is sure to give the upcoming City Flow Drum and Bass Festival crowd an order to skank out or die. Rounding out the release, the multiple talents of Jaydan were enlisted for his versatile EP, “Cold as Ice”. An offering of many spectrums of D&B, Jaydan really stands out with soulful, chilled vibes on “Play Me”, while still maintaining his true to the roller form. The song leading with a melancholic arrangement of strings, chords and delayed vocal fx.

Dancefloor is the main point here, however the selection is varied for possible beard stroker initiations. Gun Audio continues to attract new audiences in the US and abroad with their positive outlook and high calibre productions as they continue to keep the eyes of the world glued on what happens in Antwerp next.

Ceph & Lowriderz – 04/30

Harvest – 05/01

Jaydan – 05/03

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