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On Guard : Kaiju Crew presents Enter The Kaiju April 28th, Liverpool UK.


Can you give us a brief history of the crew/night?
Kaiju Started as an unnamed promotion in 1994 by Ronnie Pye. I myself (Ronnie Pye), was a fairly well recognized MC on the scene nationally in England and I quickly realized that there was very little in Liverpool UK that was catering for this music. Me and a group of friends used to travel all over the country attending raves and we just thought… Let’s have a go at this ourselves. So, we started putting local parties on in the North West, centered on Jungle & Drum & Bass. We would name the parties but we didn’t have an organization name at that time. We eventually grew so big that we had to make things a bit more formal and so Cadence Events was born. We were a group of friends, DJ’s and MC’s who came together to promote the music that we loved.
The events ran into the early 00’s until there appeared to be a drop off in interest audience wise and the usual life events happened inside our team at that time. Cadence finally called it a day in 2003, but now.. we are back as Kaiju Promotions.

How long has the crew/night been officially going?
Officially we have only been going sine Jan 2nd 2018. Kaiju is brand new! But, we have a crew dating back to 1994 who are experienced in event planning and organization.

Who are your current resident dj’s?
Well, for this inaugural Kaiju event we have tried to stay away from residents, even though we firmly believe in pushing the scene forward in the North West, UK. I know that sounds like we are going against our beliefs but, it’s all about making a huge impact for this first event with an absolutely killer lineup! However, we have a few residents in the wings, if you will. I would not be fair of me if I didn’t mention DJ Freak Response, who is also an adept promoter of events himself. He plays neurofunk and has also had some of his tracks released.

Dave Brackpool is also on our list he plays across the board liquid/jumpup/neuro/jungle and makes it work!

I also have to mention Jazzy Lioness & Indika from the bloc2bloc crew in Manchester, UK. They are extremely talented junglists and have been a huge help in getting this event locked in! Bloc2block was started by Jack Banner are a group of talented DJ’s and MC’s that have amassed a huge following in the UK, by showcasing local and regional talent. I can hopefully see us doing something with those guys in the future.

What made you start doing events?
When we first started putting events on in the North West of England back in 1994, there really wasn’t much of a call for Drum & Bass in the area. Or to be more precise, the audience was really spread out over many locations with no main clubs being dedicated to the music. So we wanted to offer a club that would play the music that we liked and wanted to hear on a weekly basis. Hence, Cadence was born.
Kaiju has come about as we are all a bit older now haha! But, we still love the music and are actively involved in one aspect or another. What we have noticed since 2003 is that there have been peaks and troughs with the popularity of the music. There have also been a lot of major breakthroughs in technology since that time leading to the music really being pushed forward with new styles and innovations. The Drum and Bass scene and audience has also sub divided into many variations of styles. Even derivative forms, Dupstep, Grime and UK Garage can trace their roots back to early Drum & Bass so, what we are trying to do is bring that whole audience under one roof. We want to cater for all tastes because that’s where we come from… originally it was one big scene.

What are you looking to accomplish with said events?
Firstly we want to make a huge impact and bring people together from all styles of Drum & Bass. When we first started out in 1994 you could put an event on with DJ’s playing any kind of style, hard house, drum and bass, techno, breakbeat and hardcore. I would say it was actually expected by the audience that you would do that back then. What we are aiming to do is put on Premier Drum and Bass events consisting and representing all styles, Drum and Bass, Jungle, Neurofunk, Liquid… you name it hopefully you will hear it at one of our events. We want to bring the audience back under one roof so as to celebrate this amazing music.

 What are your Favorite event memories or milestones?
• 1994 – Our first free party on a beach in the North West UK. The sound system was in the back of an old van! Old skool vibes!
• 1994 – Our first paid for event as Cadence where we stood on the club balcony watching 300+ people having a great time.
• 1995 – Our first big paid for event. We organized an event for 700 people and sold out 4 weeks in advance! A great night was had by all accounts! I don’t remember it because I was ill in hospital and missed the whole thing! I do remember all the planning and organization though.
• 1999 – Organising a drum and bass event in Liverpool on the same weekend as The Beatles Festival. Suicidal? No… we had over 1200 people show up and a further estimated 300 who couldn’t get in because of no tickets.
• 2018 – The birth of Kaiju. We are back and we aim to promote local and emerging talent, established artists and drum & bass legends.

If you could pick any 3 DNB/Jungle DJ’s past or present for a dream line up who would they be?
Well, there’s going to be a few upset people here!! Haha Far too many to mention but…
Fabio & Grooverider – What can you say about these 2 guys that hasn’t been said already? Literally pioneers & godfathers of Drum & Bass music. We are also very lucky to have them appearing at our inaugural event.
LTJ Bukem – He went his own way back in the day and has stayed true to his roots ever since. No-one sounded like Danny, his jazz influences were immediately recognizable in his produced music and DJ style and flow.
Andy C – Not only a huge figure in drum and bass but an iconic figures in global dance music culture. Andy and Ram Records have literally pioneered drum and bass since its first inception. An extremely influential DJ.
I know these are considerd ‘old skool’ guys by todays standards and that isn’t to say there aren’t good DJ’s now. Honorable mentions: SASASAS, Serum, Bladerunner, Dazee, DJ Guv, Mollie Collins, Northbase… the list could go on and on….

Do you have any advice for new promoters?
Be nice. People remember that. Be polite even when stressed because what goes around comes around.
Try not to take yourself too seriously. Sometimes, your idea isn’t the best idea so, don’t be too precious.
Don’t kid yourself that this isn’t hard work, believe me it is but it is hugely rewarding when done right.
We have literally been blown away by the support of the drum and bass community since we announced this event. I’d personally like to take this opportunity to thank everyone both in life and online who have got behind us and supported us. We really couldn’t do this without you all!


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