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Groves – CLINIK – Skalator Music


After a period of hibernation over fall and winter, following the previous release “Phoenix E.P.” by Neurotoxin, we are proud to unveil our 11th release on the label, by Toronto-based Artist: Groves.With a solid background as a drummer since young age, he got into Dubstep at first through his older brothers, and was inspired by the likes of DMZ, Skream & Benga, to name a few. Soon after, he naturally progressed into Drum and Bass, and started making music with fellow producers David Louis, Captivate and Stranjah. Their input as producers has led to the creation of Vortex, who are steadily cementing their position, as one of the most promising artists on today’s contemporary bass music scene in Canada.

“Clinik” starts off with a vocal sample and a spaced-out lunar module sound that sets the vibe throughout with some dreamy pads, creating a smooth atmospheric soundscape.
 An ever present rhythm section soon steps in with a series of clinically-placed breaks, combined with warm and heavy sub-bass vibes. Metalheadz/Reinforced golden era memories.

“Fall Apart” presents itself with a smooth introduction featuring dark cinematic moods. These are soon followed by arpeggiated bells that roll over dung the track that create a more random direction on the groove, together with a sharp upfront snares and cheeky wobble bass effects.

“Prone” is half-step drum and bass at it’s finest, with plenty of dark-layered pads and effects, baffled by an array of well-placed delays and reverbs on the sound spectrum. Tightly designed drum patterns provide an exquisite crescendo groove throughout the track, trademark of the Vortex sound.


Hailing from Toronto, Canada and known by his last name, Slater Groves has already received an overwhelming amount of international support by the likes of dBridge, Fracture, Skeptical, and Fixate.

Coming from a deep knowledge of audio theory, Groves showcases the power that raw sounds and heavy basslines can have through his music. He was a drummer since the age of 8, playing in a slew of punk and metal bands throughout his youth. His older brothers later introduced him to dubstep and electronic music. Since then, and working behind different monikers over time, Slater honed his craft at producing and DJing over the course of 10 years. He was initially influenced by weighty dubstep artists in his teens: DMZ, Distance, Skream & Benga, and Goth-Trad were on regular rotation. Growing up in rural Canada, and with good raves being few and far between, Slater relied heavily on the online radio shows broadcast from the UK to get his fix. Listening daily, he was addicted to the cheeky UK music and culture that would later pave the way for his own sound; a mix of halftime drum and bass with infectious basslines that are seldom found west of the Atlantic.

When he isn’t making music or DJing, Slater works at a Toronto recording studio by day as an Audio Engineer, creating sound design and mixing for the North American Film & TV Industry. By night, Groves is quietly making a name for himself in the Toronto scene, often playing with members of his
crews at warehouse events and radio shows around the city. With an EP from Exit Records around the corner, and a few more forthcoming releases on labels from
the UK, Portugal, and North America, 2018 is shaping up to be a big year to watch out for this rising talent.








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