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Gray – Rubadub EP – Born on Road

Gray has been making waves at Born On Road HQ since our 1st slightly bizarre meeting with him in a field in Winchester at a popular music festival in 2018. Though his roots run a lot deeper. He cut his teeth though the free party scene in his hometown of London proving he has the minerals whist effortlessly mixing between styles.

Since moving to Bristol he has fully submerged himself into the circuit growing ever popular amongst ravers who have taken to joining in with the infectious vocals of his newly acclaimed anthem ‘Rubadub’, just one of the tunes off this heavyweight EP that has been doing major damage over the summer and is already turning the heads of some of the big players in the scene and it’s sub genres!

Gray has also enrolled the talents of two veterans of the scene, The Ragga Twins drop the lead line on Blood, a hard hitting bass heavy tune.

This EP is rammed packed full of goodness and comes with our certified Born On Road dance floor seal of approval, we are super hyped to welcome Gray as a member of our ever expanding family and we all look forward to working with him more in the future. But for now we’ll let the music do the talking…

Gray has took the scene by storm with his Rubadub EP. Hitting Juno’s number 1 spot in just a couple hours of its release.

With this release Gray takes us on a wobbly bass journey through these amazing 5 tracks. Full of great viby vocal samples including a track featuring the legendary Ragga Twins.

Born on Road and Gray truly knock this release out of the park. We cant wait for the next release from these two.




Born On Road

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