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GRAY feat Rider Shafique – Turbulent Times – Born on Road

GRAY and Rider Shafique team up to bring us a deep and heavy single from Born On Road. This track flows smoothly and darkly creating a powerful mood for the listener.

Born On Road has established a solid catalog and roster over time as well as a distinct sound. Many of the releases coming from them recently have championed a more minimal sound focusing on composition elements and filthy effects and bass lines. Not as busy as a lot of styles out there, with an ear for top notch and very provocative production.

GRAY and Rider Shafique fall right into that style and mesh with it seamlessly as this release is vibes all day. Coming in with atmospheric synths in the background and the haunting vocal style of Rider Shafique with minimal percussion setting the mood. At the drop it gets nasty and there is a great dialog between sharp snares, buzzing samples and grimy effected bass lines. With pitched effects and growling subs that go deep like a submarine adding extra layers. All the way through weaving Rider Shafique‘s vocals that create a moody effect. This is sound track material and incredibly well composed by GRAY. They make a good team with this offering and we hope to hear more from them.





Rider Shafique


Born On Road


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