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Gradual Top 5

Techniques latest signing Gradual’s Neuro tipped Ep does the rounds with support from Andy C, The Prototypes, Audio & Hazard and many more.

We caught up with them to find out what hot tunes are in the bag.

1. Dead Limit – Noisia & The Upbeats

What can we say about this? The reese bass that makes you hit your head and drops into the best stomping beat we’ve ever heard.

2. Leibniz – Mefjus & Insideinfo

Big tune from these two great producers, they always nail it. The build up, the bass, the kick hits just at the right moment and that snare… brilliant.

3. Pump – Tantrum Desire

You can be sure this gonna pump the party, love that percussive bass and the leads.

4. Rock’n’Roll – Misanthrop

His name says it all, it’s perfect to rock the dance floor.

5. Billain & Kodin – Feed For Speed

This track is pure madness,  crazy snares and transitions… we love Billain.

Ragnarok Ep by Gradual is OUT NOW on Technique Recordings

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