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Get to know D’SILVA

He is just about to drop his debut single ‘Temperature Rising / My Everything’ on his own imprint ‘Reach’. But he ain’t no new jack. Nicky D’Silva has been around bass music his whole adult life. As part of Ctrl Z with partner Dash (later known as SkisM) and then as one half of Pyramid, Nicky was an integral part of the UK breakbeat scene, and now with his new endeavour, he looks like he is about to make the same kind of impact in the world of Drum & Bass.

We caught up with Nicky to talk about where he has come from and where he’s going.

Did you start DJ’ing or producing first? And what got you into it?

 I started as a DJ first, then moved into producing. Originally I was a garage DJ then I moved into producing and DJing breaks and now I produce everything but with a focus on D&B. Being from London, D&B has always been a passion of mine. I used to go vinyl shopping with Froe from TMS and we used to bunk off school and use my dinner money to buy records at Vinyl Mania in Ealing. I then ended up working there.


When did you decide that music was going to be your career?

I decided pretty early on, when I was in school. But it wasn’t until Ctrl-Z really took off that I thought I could be really good at this. I have since toured the world and worked around some of the biggest names in dance music. This has kept me inspired and hungry to keep redeveloping what I do, the progression and the evolution from a young hungry garage DJ to where I am now will never stop. I am also working on loads of other music that is non-d&b related, who knows you might see a garage DJ from me soon?


What or who have been your biggest influences in your career so far?

 My biggest influences are my friends who I grew up producing around and still do to this day. TMS, Sigma, Gorgon City, Jaded and Xtrah. I have a lot of people outside of my close network, I have been hugely influenced by growing up in West London, rolling to drum & bass raves, listening to garage, producing in my studio complex and living a music life over the past few years.


What made you make the jump from Breaks to Drum & Bass and change your artist name?

 A natural progression really. As mentioned, I am a huge D&B fan being from London. Having been around friends of mine really succeed in this area for years, I felt it was time I transferred my skills and production into this area. I really wanted to carry on doing dance music and it felt this was a natural progression for me. Growing up in London


What are your plans for 2016? 

Loads of plans. I am working on my first Sigma release and we have loads of material lined up for our music company – Reach LDN. I am going to take our whole team and project to the next level, doing a combination of more major label work alongside the underground label work on Reach LDN. In the meantime for the end of the year, we have two releases coming out, Reach 001 in November and Reach 002 in December. Both releases are EPs and have 2 tracks each. The first release is ‘My Everything’ feat. Dani Sylvia and ‘Temperature Rising’ Feat. Lord Kimo. Reach 002 is ‘Telescope’ and ‘On The Wall’ Feat. Richard Clarke. I also have some work with Sigma due for 2016.


Pre-order the release HERE

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