GARDNA – Good Time not a Long Time [Watch the Ride Remix]


Award-winning Bristol lyricist, MC and label owner Gardna is about to embark on the biggest project of his career so far. His debut album ‘Good Time Not A Long Time’ is set to land on the 18th October and features 12 original tracks and a who’s who of featured artists and reggae and dub royalty. The first single and title track ‘Good Time Not A Long Time’ will be released on Friday 11th October. Produced by the mighty Brad Baloo of The Nextmen (and producer credits to Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Kreed, Coki, and Gold Dubs), ‘Good Time Not A Long Time’ destroys genre boundaries from the get-go. Delving into the world of reggae, dub, grime, hip-hop and everything in between, it’s a culmination of Gardna’s already extensive career, and demonstrates incredible abilities as a songwriter, lyricist, host and MC. With a little help from the likes of Hollie Cook, Kiko Bun, Eva Lazarus, Omar, Fox, Dread MC, Charli Brix, Rider Shafique and Taiwan MC, it showcases talent on both a fresh and legendary scale and provides an inimitable sound from start to finish. On creating the record Gardna added

From the first note you are placed in the middle of a dancefloor in downtown with all your best friends. The uplifting chords are reminiscent of crowded jazz bars that are packed with people dancing and laughing and carrying on.  With a quick build up the drums roll in with an absolute brilliant stand up bassline.  You can visualize the bass player picking away and spinning his instrument around on the floor in front of him between notes.  The listener has now been fully immersed into the blue note world of jazz and is being rooted there through the crisp jungle breaks that dress up the bassline perfectly.  When the vocal stops you get a slight distortion layer on top of the bassline which transforms it to more of a Drum and Bass vibe for a measure.  In the next measure the distortion disappears, and the standup bass is back in its magnificent, original form.  The delayed vocal “good times” tingles along through the breakdown as you anticipate the return of the bassline.  When the bassline returns it is accompanied by the jungle breaks and you are right back on the dancefloor in the middle of a jazz bar sweating out the drinks you have been ordering all night.  The vibe on this one is thick and a fun tune to play for anyone that is still on the fence about the sounds of drum and bass.  Grab this now and play it for your snobbiest of friends, that bassline will bring them round. 

Words by Bad Martian