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Future Cut & Cadmen Cox – Make or Break – DeVice

Having formed over two decades ago, Future Cut maintain their authority on the D&B scene with new single ‘Make Or Break’ featuring fresh, skyrocketing singer-songwriter Camden Cox on Rene LaVice’s tastemaker Device label. Featuring Future Cut‘s intuitive production skill that has graced D&B hits as well as UK Chart no.1s, ‘Make Or Break’ is a heavenly liquid cut powered by glistening bass whilst Camden’s delicate yet outstanding vocals soar amongst driving drums packed with soul.

Rene LaVice is doing something really special with this whole DeVice thing in case you haven’t noticed. He appears to be focused on quality over quantity, with choice, top notch creations that stand alone on their own merits. And he’s doing it very well. Every producer he is working with has stepped up and delivered something unique and memorable. Future Cut and Cadmen Cox‘s “Make or Break” delivers yet again.

Rolling in with clean crips snares that sound recorded not created, and subtle vocals and effects in the background. A lot more going on here that meets the ear at first. Horns, keys and vocal samples filling in the spaces so smoothly that you could be forgiven for missing them. Cadmen Cox‘s voice only adds to the smoothness of the velvet here. A rolling bass line at the drop and her lyrics really kick in elevating the sound. She really should be proud of herself. And Future Cut should too as this really is simplicity at it’s finest. With everything else in the background as subtle as it can possibly be while the hi-hat, snare, kick and bass line carry everything forward. Everything is placed perfectly. Liquid velvet here all the way.



Future Cut


Cadmen Cox


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