Furniss – Is It Possible / Sinister – Prototype Recordings


In the Drum & Bass world there’s a lot of history. And there’s often talk of the influence of some of the founding labels, producers and DJs. It gets thrown around a lot. In this case, it happens to be true though. Prototype Recordings, launched by Grooverider in 1993, released one landmark track after another. Establishing them as one of the true pioneers of this sound and a label that was fundamental in building the genre. They’ve returned releasing new killers with new names that are blazing the path forward. Furniss delivers an absolute smasher on this release. I would say it’s another landmark, but at this point it’s more like another mile marker.

Is It Possible

The production level on this one is next level. But, I don’t wanna get too geeky. It’s a bangin’ track that bounces along and the bass tones on this one almost has this vocal quality to it. It’s minimal on the surface but when you listen closer there’s way more going one than meets the ear at first. There’s so much space in there and it really gives everything a lot of room to breath. This one feels like it’s gonna be in rotation for a minute cuz there’s a lot the DJs can play with here. In the tool bag it goes.


This one is just plain evil and I absolutely love it. Straight forward tight snare driving it and just so much rich flava to the subs. Really another example of how Furniss uses bass notes like vocals. This thing talks to you. Like some demon whispering in yer ear. Atmosphere and texture for days in the break down and the second half adds some elements just to make sure that you’re still paying attention. There’s so much going on and it’s so subtle that it feels like a movie soundtrack with all the drama. This track just sounds so damn heavy you could weigh it on a scale. He really dug deep for this one.





Prototype Recordings