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Fruity – Krucial feat. Ragga Twins

Nicky Blackmarket ends 2019 on point with this big double A side release from Krucial for his Kartoons label.

‘Fruity’ is by no means paying homage to the locals £2 a pop fruit machine, it’s also not promoting one of your five a day. This is stripped back addictive jump up for the masses. Krucial takes working alongside The Ragga Twins into a different dimension by sampling their live vocal stabs rather than have them chat lyrics for a specific reason. It works well and certainly adds diversity having these legendary MCs over a track. Drone bass notes resonate through the speakerbox and Krucial’s signature skippy breakbeats do well here to match the energy of the RTC.

‘Acid Wobbles’ plays homage to the many laboratory tests of LSD way back in the 1960s. Imagine transporting this tune back to the past and blasting it out on a gramophone – mind bending is an understatement! The sampled vocals add direct flavour to this tune and twist in and out of the bass that doesn’t let up from start to finish. Tough stuff.

‘Fruity’ has one of those distinctive hooks that sets up camp in your ears and won’t go home cuz it lives there now. Krucial demonstrates that minimal elements are all you really need. With punchy Jump Up snares, subs and synth lines, plus samples of the Ragga Twins vocals; it’s truly a hard one to get out of your head once you’ve heard it. And after all, isn’t that the point?

‘Acid Wobbles’ carries a very similar feeling, but has effects that sorta just “talk” to you? Or maybe it was all the psychedelics I used to do. The textures through this track will get you asking “Is that really there? Or am I just hearing things?”. Don’t worry, it’s really there. And you might be hearing things too.





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