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Fragz – Hyperspace – C4C Limited

Cause4Concern Limited is an offset of the formidable imprint and collective who developed one of drum & basses most notorious subgenres. However, over recent years the sister-label has proven to be just as groundbreaking in its releases, moving through the newcomers across the darker side of dance music to pull through its budding talent. Committing themselves to more minimal, brooding undertones, C4C Limited has already proven itself to the enormous fan base which Cause4Concern has gathered since their first milestone. For their forthcoming release, they’re about to deliver a ricocheting four-track EP from Fragz. His ‘Hyperspace’ output is a testament to what Fragz has built throughout his career, one which began within the deepest grounds of drum & bass, with the Portuguese producer having already released on pivotal labels such as Eatbrain, PRSPCT, Kosen Productions and Optiv’s Red Light Recordings. He’s also already made his presence felt within the back catalogue of Cause4Concern, something which will become instantly recognisable for drum & bass fans and will ensure the anticipation around his release.


Title-track ‘Hyperspace’ has an introduction filled with intergalactic atmospherics, before you’re pulled into a concoction of snapping percussive layers and pounding drum loops. It begins the EP with a shocking level of production and this sets the pace throughout the remaining three records. Hijak MC then offers his growling vocals alongside Fragz for ‘Capsize’. Next, Fragz jumps on remix duties for Cause4Concern’s ‘Hammer House’, a track which has already caused chaotic scenes in club spaces, but it now given a face lift by the gritty producer. Phentix joins Fragz on ‘Back to the Past’ for his final reckoning. It’s more melodic as it gradually rolls into play, before a climatic drop pushes you against each of its throbbing segments of bass. Fragz and his collaborators show no mercy, which is what you can expect from any release dropped on C4C Limited. One more aspect into explaining their reputation throughout the sonic world.


Fragz Born in the late 80’s, Fragz started to show his interest in music since a young age, always influenced by hard sounds from Punk Hardcore to Metal! Representing Yellow Stripe, Fragz has proven to be one of the most promising producers from Portugal, with a consisting and powerful sound with a mix between Drum and Bass and Hardcore! He released his work on labels like Yellow Stripe Recordings, Prspct, Forbidden Society Recordings, Union, Future Sickness and some others! Keep your eyes open for this young prospect, because Fragz is here to stay! Horns up!

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